New upscale furniture store open in Rockwall

There’s a new upscale furniture store in the Rockwall Plaza Shopping Center located between Best Buy and J.C. Penney’s.

Called “Amish Furniture Showcase,” the 4,000 sq. ft. store sells only high-quality, solid wood furniture for all rooms of the house, which owner Joyce Tucker says is “forever furniture – the kind that’s never going to fall apart, that you can pass down for generations.”

The owner moved the store to Rockwall last fall from the I-80 Forney location where she first opened six years ago because she felt the Rockwall shopping center location would make it easier for more customers to find it.

The showroom is filled with brand-new furniture made for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, dinettes and the office. The owner said she always has something new coming in.

“We try hard to keep up with the styles and trends. Since I always have new things coming in, I try to rotate the furniture around.”

She added that she also has numerous four-inch thick catalogs per category filled with many more furniture selections which customers can order after looking through them in the store.

“I can’t carry all we have to offer.”

Because all of the furniture at Amish Furniture Showcase is solid wood and none is particle board or veneer, she said some people may look at her furniture as being a little expensive.

The store owner said that’s because the fine-crafted furniture is made by the Amish, a religious group well-known for high-quality craftsmanship.

“This is all solid wood furniture made by the Amish, who have a nationwide reputation for building high-quality furniture. No particle board or veneers whatsoever are used,” she said. “For example, when you order oak, that’s what you’re going to get – oak.”

“Solid wood furniture lasts much longer than particle board. What I carry on the floor is mostly the higher-end woods – quarter-sawn oak and cherry – so that makes the prices up there.”

She said when customers purchase Amish furniture they’re making a very wise investment in furniture they’ll never have to replace.

“Some people do look at it as being a little expensive but when you consider that you’re never going to have to replace it, it is definitely worth the investment.”

“This is forever furniture. These are your future antiques that you will pass down for generations because it’s not going to fall apart. It’s going be around for a hundred years.”

“You have to look at it as an investment – and a very wise investment – this furniture being solid wood; should something happen and the kids damage it, this furniture is repairable.”

“I’m sorry to say that, once I do your house, I won’t see you again, because you’re done. But you will recommend your friends and you will bring your family in and show them what kind of investment they can make and the quality of it.”

She warned that stores which sell furniture with veneers and wood products can’t repair that furniture.

“Their furniture is not repairable. It’s done for. Those companies want you to come back in and buy again and again.”

She added that the Amish are a quiet religious group that has a standard that they live by.

“It’s quality and reputation. They want to do a good job. They want to make you happy and thereby please God.”

All their workers work on individual pieces which match perfectly because they use Ohio-certified stains.

“The unique thing is one man builds each item to match with each other item built. For example, one man built this table and one man built that table. Another built each of these chairs.”

“We know what colors they’re going to come out because we use Ohio-certified stains. There are currently 20 colors.”

She said that customers can actually create their own dining table.

“Tables and chairs are priced separately so you can choose the chair you want to go with the table you choose.”

“You can actually create your own dining table. You pick your wood, your stain color, the size of your table, the shape of your table top, you pick your edge, and then you have choices on legs and pedestals, so it’s a custom creation.”

“The different stains and woods we use are oak, cherry, quarter-sawn oak, hard maple, hickory, brown maple and even walnut.”

“This way you can actually see the particular stain color that you like, and what it looks like on all the different woods. You can match them up.”

“If you need chairs, but you’ve already got a table, bring in the table leaf and we’ll match it as closely as we can.”

Amish Furniture Showcase also can customize office furniture.

“People are surprised we do carry office furniture,” said the owner. “We do a lot of customizing when it comes to office furniture – you can change the towers, file drawers and pencil drawers around.”

On average, it takes about three months for the furniture to arrive after it’s ordered, depending upon the piece.

The furniture store does have clearance sales occasionally and there’s generally always something on sale.

For more information, call Amish Furniture Showcase at 972-771-7888. A new website will be online soon.

By J.J. Smith, Publisher


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