Texas Attorney General will use Rockwall Co. grand jury for voter fraud

A Rockwall County grand jury will be used by the Texas Attorney General’s office to investigate allegations of voter fraud in Dallas County during last March’s Democratic Primary Election.

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott’s investigation is centering on mail-in ballots cast.

Although it is unusual for state investigators to bypass the district attorney’s office of the county where violations are alleged to have occurred, it is allowed under Texas election law.

In Rockwall, Republican Kenda Culpepper is the elected Criminal District Attorney. Democrat Craig Watkins is the Dallas County district attorney.

Watkins said he sees nothing inappropriate in this case.

“That’s the attorney general’s case, and they should be allowed to do their job without interfering comments from me,” he recently told The Dallas Morning News.

The Attorney General’s office has not commented on the grand jury proceeding. Culpepper referred to the Attorney General’s office for comments.

The Texas Secretary of State’s Office asked for help from Abbott’s office last year, citing nine possible crimes that included illegal voting, obstructing a poll watcher, unlawfully assisting a voter and providing false information on a ballot application.

County Democratic Party Chair Darlene Ewing told the newspaper there was no evidence of organized voter fraud in Dallas County.

“I think the AG’s Office is a tool of Republican Greg Abbott, who wants higher office and is looking for headlines,” she said.

Dallas GOP Chair Jonathan Neeman has a different opinion. He said Watkins “has thumbed his nose at the attorney general multiple times over the constable’s investigation. As we’ve seen during the reign of this DA, he is not going to investigate Democrats.”

By J.J. Smith, Publisher

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  1. Laura Stiles says:

    A Rockwall Co. jury convicted some Dallas Co. people of voter fraud in 2011. What about now when it looks like we have 1 or more running for office in Rockwall Co. who are apparently misrepresenting themselves and stating that they vote in Rockwall thus live in Rockwall when they do not. And these same people who are misrepresenting themselves want to be an elected official representing Rockwall Co. and make sure we are honest citizens. We are smarter than that- Don’t come here thinking we are blind– if they lie will they also take bribes?

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