Rockwall County’s ten most expensive homes

( You just know they’re going to pick your Lotto numbers any day now. Don’t you think it’s time to start planning where you’re going to live? Of course, you want to stay in Rockwall County. I mean, who wouldn’t? The question is, are there any houses worthy of your newfound financial status outside the snooty environs of Highland Park or Preston Hollow?

True, one would be hard pressed to find something like Tom Hicks’ 29,000 square-foot manse, which cost $41.4 million and backs up to George and Laura Bush’s new bungalow, or Mark Cuban’s $17.6 million personal playground in North Dallas – not here in lil’ old Rockwall. But no worries. We do have our share of respectable palaces that the relatives wouldn’t scoff at the chance to come visit. You may even discover relatives you never knew you had.

In doing research for this piece, Planet Rockwall dug through current real estate listings, as well as publicly available tax records. The listing prices shown may not be what actually gets accepted, so feel free to bargain. You’ll still need a healthy bank account to afford them.



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