Mexican cartels taking over North Texas homes

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Picture the perfect North Texas neighborhood. They are children running along the streets. The houses have beautiful lawns with manicured shrubbery. Big trees line the sidewalks. College fans show their true colors by flying flags showing their favorite teams.

But, if you take a much closer look at some middle-to-upper class  North Texas neighborhoods, you may see a slight difference in some homes. The windows are sealed off with shudders that never open or dark-tinted windows. There is a mysterious silence that lurks around the home. What’s behind the closed doors of these house?  No one would ever suspect- except maybe Ed Fox, who heads up the Volunteers on Patrol Program for the Prestonwood West Neighborhood.

“It not only took this one down, but about three others,” says Fox as he looks a former house that sold drugs.   In the last two-years, Fox has alerted law enforcement to suspicious activity that’s taken down several houses for growing, manufacturing or selling drugs.



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