Fair Tax idea presented to Rockwall GOP Men’s Club

By J.J. Smith. Rockwall resident Jordan Williamson, with Americans for Fair Taxation, presented the Fair Tax alternative to the current federal income tax system this morning to nearly 100 members of the Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club. He summarizes his presentation in this interview with TheRockwallNews.com reporter J.J. Smith.

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1 Response for “Fair Tax idea presented to Rockwall GOP Men’s Club”

  1. Scott Greene says:

    The Income Tax system is a psychotic legal system and only gets worse year after year after year.

    Citizens and businesses of this country spend close to 140 Billion Dollars a year and spend 7 Billion Hours in attempted tax compliance.

    The Income Tax code itself is 70,000 pages of arbitrary and contradictory laws and opinions.

    This plus at least a million more pages of Revenue Rulings, Letter Rulings, Tax Memorandums, Tax Publications, Tax Court, Federal Court and Supreme Court Opinions that are written in an effort to explain the mind numbing Income Tax code.

    Most personal, financial and business decisions all have to take into account the Income Tax system and generally require assistance from tax accountants and lawyers who themselves do not even understand the Income Tax code.

    This is no way to fund a government and unless something is done, like instituting the Fair Tax, this Income Tax system is going to continue to wreak havoc on the the US economy.

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