TX Gov. Perry makes campaign stop at Soulman’s BarBQ in Rockwall TX

By J.J. Smith. Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that Texas is the envy of the nation and the place people want to move to because “freedom still means something in this State” at a campaign stop yesterday at Soulman’s Barbeque Restaurant in Rockwall.

Referring to yesterday morning’s Wall St. Journal article that commented on the benefits of living and working in Texas, the three-term Governor said there are five freedoms which are fueling the Lone Star State’s growth.

“Texas is great today. Texas is the place that people want to move to. Matter of fact, the Wall Street Journal this morning had another one of those articles about why Texas is the greatest place in the world to live and they were talking about where jobs were being created in America today.”

(See Gov. Perry’s complete speech coming shortly on and on our channel at TheRockwallNews)

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