Gov. Perry visits Rockwall, says Texas growth fueled by many freedoms in state

By J.J. Smith. Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that Texas is the envy of the nation and the place people want to move to because “freedom still means something in this State” at a campaign stop yesterday at Soulman’s Barbeque Restaurant in Rockwall.

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Referring to yesterday morning’s Wall St. Journal article that commented on the benefits of living and working in Texas, the three-term Governor said there are five freedoms which are fueling the Lone Star State’s growth.

“Texas is great today. Texas is the place that people want to move to. Matter of fact, the Wall Street Journal this morning had another one of those articles about why Texas is the greatest place in the world to live and they were talking about where jobs were being created in America today.”

“During the 2000s nobody created more jobs in America than Texas. Since 2005, four out of five private-sector jobs created in America were created in Texas.”

“And it didn’t happen by accident. I mean it wasn’t just because we got great barbeque like Soulman’s, that people are coming to the State of Texas. Now that don’t hurt nothin’. But the fact of the matter is people are coming in the State of Texas because they know that freedom still means something in this state.”

“Freedom is important to the people of the State of Texas; freedom from over-taxation, freedom from over-regulation, freedom from over-litigation and we have public schools that are accountable and continuing to develop a skilled workforce.”

“Those companies are translocating from the Midwest and making  hundreds of millions of dollars of capital investment in in the State of Texas,” he continued. “If they were worried about whether or not the jobs and skilled workforce is going to be able to be there to fill those jobs.”

He cited an example of medical device company Medtronics, which in 2008 moved its company of 1,400 employees with an average salary of $65,000 from California to San Antonio “because they figured out they couldn’t afford it any longer.”

He said they “finally had all of California they could stand – taxes, regulation and all that’s goin’ on out there.”

“It’s a powerful message about what we’ve created in the State of Texas,” he added. “Those four simple principles of tax and regulatory policies that are fair and predicable, a legal system that doesn’t allow for over-suing, appropriately- funded, accountable public schools that says there’s a skilled workforce here. Those are four simple principles that have been deployed and employed in the State of Texas.”

“Oh and then there’s one more thing,” he said. “Government get out of the way and let the private sector do what’s right.”

“We’ve done it. We’ve done it,” he said.

After talking about the problems in California, the Governor also received a call from California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, with whom Perry had made a wager about the World Series being played between the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers baseball teams.

Perry said if Texas lost he would give Whitman a pair of Texas cowboy boots. Whitman promised to give the Governor a surfboard if the Giants lost.

Before the event ended, the Governor posed in a photo line with each of the hundreds of people who were in the audience which wanted a photo with him.

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