Community bands together to help resident

Rowlett Lakeshore Times. A disabled Rowlett man received a glimse of what the community of Rowlett is all about on Aug. 31. Brian Oarr received a new air conditioning unit, thanks to the generosity of several area business owners.

“I received a phone call from Stacy in the city secretary’s office inquiring if I knew of someone who could help out a resident. I was informed that Bryan Oarr and his wife Janet were without any air conditioning and it was over 100 degrees in their home. I was also informed that Mr. Oarr was paralyzed due to an accident and was wheelchair bound and they did not have any money and needed help,” said Lt. Marvin Gibbs, community services division commander.

Gibbs sprang into action. He contacted a local business owner to see if he could help out.


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