Justin Timberlake, Woody Harrelson cheer Heath Hawks to victory

By J.J. Smith. While shooting scenes for a movie in New York City last Friday night, Hollywood stars Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson were cheering the Heath Hawks football team on to its last-minute victory over Frisco Wakeland.

According to Heath Athletics secretary Pamela Nunnally, as she wrote in the Heath High School HawkEyeNewsOnline.com, the two actors were listening to the game online at KXEZ.com because Hawk football player Jake Holliman’s cinematographer uncle was working on a movie there with them and listening to the game.

“Jake’s uncle listens to the Hawks on the internet, and was listening Friday night on www.KXEZ.com,” she wrote. ” A couple of guys started listening with him, and before long they piped the entire game over the speakers in the studio.”

“As the game got more and more exciting,” she continued, “more and more of the crew started getting into the game, including Justin and Woody.  During the fourth quarter of a great game, the entire cast and crew had stopped working, and were cheering for the Hawks!”

“During the final 33-second Hawks drive, Justin Timberlake was standing up yelling, “Go Hawks, Go Hawks!”  When the Hawks scored with 7 seconds to go, the entire cast and crew were on their feet cheering for the amazing Hawks come-from-behind win!

“They were cheering in New York, while we were on our feet at Wilkerson-Sanders!” she concluded.

“The Hawks welcome Justin Timberlake as the entire cast and crew as new Hawk Fans, and we hope Justin’s career continues to have as much success as the Hawks football program!” she wrote. “Go Hawks!!!!!”

The Heath vs. Garland Lakeview game this Thursday will be broadcast live on FM 95.3 “The Range” and on www.KHYI.com (click “listen live”).  If it’s not on KHYI.com, try KXEZ.com, since they sometimes change the station.

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