Fisk named new Rockwall Co. GOP Chairman after Wilson unexpectedly resigns

By J.J. Smith. There’s been a major change in leadership in the Rockwall County Republican Party.

Newly-elected Chairman Paul Wilson unexpectedly resigned Aug. 1 after recently accepting a new job that he said he couldn’t refuse for the sake of his family and career.

Then Monday night, the County GOP Executive Committee quickly named GOP Men’s Club President Tony Fisk to replace him. He has been in that position since January, after previously serving as vice president and treasurer.

Fisk, who is employed as Human Resources Services Director for Cadbury North America – which makes the popular chocolate Easter eggs – will now direct the Party’s election precinct judging, recruitment and election of local political candidates, special events and more.

“It’s very humbling and I feel quite honored,” said Fisk, who added he was unaware that he had been selected when he arrived at bit late at the Executive Committee meeting Monday night.

“I was 100 percent shocked,” he said, when he was asked to serve.

According to Wilson, who was elected last March and officially became Party Chairman in May, he was deeply sorry that he had to resign so soon, but his new position as Director of New Business Development now requires him to design and coordinate all business activity for the entire U.S. for a 600-employee company.

Since he might also need to relocate and with election season just around the corner, he said he thought it was best for the Party and for his family to resign now, while there is still time for a new Chairman to prepare for the coming election season.

“If there is a time for a decision such as mine, I am of the strong conviction, it could not occur any later than NOW,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

“If a change was to occur, it had to be immediate as to not interrupt the task at hand; defeating the Democrats, soundly.  A new Chair appointment in the middle of an election campaign could have been devastating.  Not to the county success (strong Republican contingency) as much, but to our outreach efforts and to our county party unity in direction and in purpose.”

When asked about his future plans, Fisk said that it is time to roll up his sleeves and get to work immediately. He said he will pack up his wife and three daughters in the car and start traveling whenever necessary.

“It is time to roll up our sleeves,” said Fisk, “I mean it’s election time and we have not just the administration of the elections, but we also have grassroots activism that we need to get to. Everything from signage to canvassing precincts to making sure we’re doing all of the right things to not just win, but to win big.”

“That’s the plan, and then we also have the Christmas Party, of course, which we always have in December and then we have Reagan Day and all of that’s happening within six months.”

“To my knowledge, we can pick up on some of the momentum that’s been built but largely these things are untouched. So there’s just a lot of rolling-up-our-sleeves-work that has to be done.”

Fisk added that, in all likelihood, current Men’s Club Vice President Brian Williams will take over as acting president after the Aug. 14 Men’s Club meeting.

Williams is an attorney who works in the Rockwall County District Attorney’s Office. He is also a member of the team which broadcasts Rockwall High School football games on radio.

No other leadership changes are expected, he added.

In his new position Fisk said hopes to improve processes and communications among the County Executive Committee, Men’s Club, Women’s Club, Young Republican’s Club and elected officials.

“Of course, I think there’s always a need to continue to energize the grassroots boots-on-the-ground activism,” he said.

Fisk and his family have lived in Heath since 2004. His parents were from Royse City.

Born and raised in Garland, he earned an accounting degree from the University of Texas.

His hobbies now include family, golf and cooking.

“I enjoy a good cigar now and then, too,” he said.

The new GOP Chairman predicted that in the November 2 election, Gov. Perry will be re-elected, Texas will be good for the Republicans, no serious challenger will emerge for Congressman Ralph Hall and that it’s a “distinct possibility” that Republicans will get both the House and the Senate.

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