Corrected total, 46 registered sex offenders now living in Rockwall County

By J.J. Smith. A corrected total of 46 registered sex offenders are currently living in Rockwall County, including two who are women.

In our two-part series published July 8 & 9, TheRockwallNews.com stated that 30 sex offenders are now living in the County- relying solely upon the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office sex offender database for those numbers.

However, after cross-checking a few days later with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) registered sex offender website and Rockwall Police registered sex offender website, 16 more registered sex offenders were found who were not listed on that Sheriff’s Office website.

Sheriff’s Office Records spokesperson Tonya Holmes explained last week that the Sheriff’s Office registered sex offenders website was supposed to have been deleted from the Internet several months ago and was not being updated, as a result.

The website was deleted last week and is no longer online as of today.

She added that, from now on, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) registered sex offender website will be the most accurate to use for finding registered sex offenders in Rockwall County and is the only one which the Sheriff’s Office now sends updates to.

On the free website, the general public can find information about each of the individual registered sex offenders in Texas, get a list of all those living in any Texas County, plus can request a map showing where all of the sex offenders live.

One registered sex offender currently listed on the Rockwall Police registered sex offenders website – who is not listed on the TXDPS sex offender website as living in Rockwall – is listed as living in Galveston.

He is :

John Lee Spinelli, 66, 1570 Champions Dr. convicted 7/18/80 of Sexual Assault (HIGH RISK FACTOR)

According to Rockwall Police Detective Kevin Tilley, Spinelli spends most of his time living in Galveston, where the TXDPS website lists him as living under a different name of John Raymond Strehl.

Tilley said the sex offender spends about three weeks per month in Galveston and one week each month in Rockwall.

It should also be noted that one registered sex offender, James Shelton – who was listed on the Sheriff’s Office site as living in Terrell – was mistakenly included in our totals last week.

According to his mother, he no longer lives in Terrell and was convicted of Attempted Sexual Assault – not Sexual Assault – when he was a minor, for which he has completed all of his court-mandated requirements. In 2013 his name is scheduled to be removed from registered sex offender websites.

The corrected numbers reveal that of the 46 sex offenders there are:

  • 22 with Rockwall addresses
  • 14 with Royse City addresses
  • 2 with Heath addresses
  • 2 with Fate addresses
  • 1 with no current address listed
  • 4 with Rowlett addresses in Rockwall Co.

For more information from the Rockwall Police Department, contact:

  • Detective Kevin Tilley at 972-772-6459

For information from the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office, call Tonya Holmes at 972-204-7001.


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