TEA Party scheduled July 17 in Rockwall

By J.J. Smith. Rockwall area residents will get a chance to see in person if the NAACP’s recent charges are correct that the TEA Party movement is racist when Rockwall County, Kaufman County, Sulphur Springs and Canton TEA Party members host a combined rally this Saturday at 9 am outside the Rockwall home of  Republican Congressman Ralph Hall, 1500 Sunset Hill Dr.

According to event organizer John White, who also organized the first Rockwall TEA Party, the theme of this event is “Takin’ Back the House,” with a focus on getting conservative Republicans elected to Congress.

Another event focusing on electing conservative Republicans to the Texas Legislature will follow later, he said.

Sixteen-term Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall) and State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R-Murphy) will be the keynote speakers.

White said Rockwall County Young Republicans are helping him to organize the event. Heritage Alliance, Concerned Women for America and Operation Firewall will also be present to underscore common conservative values.

“I am the TEA Party organizer, but many patriots are doing the ‘heavy lifting.’ Rockwall County Young Republican leaders have prominent roles in this event:  Jordan Williamson, John Stacy, Michelle Smith and David White.”

“Our objectives are to inform the people, register voters and invite conservative citizens to participate in local Republican clubs,” he said.

“This we will accomplish through public TEA Party rallies, public debates and publishing voting records.”

White asserted that the growing national debt is destroying America like a cancer and that only by electing conservative Republicans will the nation be able to survive.

“Obama appointed a “national debt commission” to discover what my 14 year-old granddaughter intuitively knows: you cannot spend your way out of debt,” he said.

“Erskine Bowles, a member of the commission, aptly stated that our unsustainable national debt is destroying America like a cancer.”

“While it is possible that we are beyond the point of no return, it is imperative we cut spending, cut taxes and stop the socialization of American society. Only by electing conservative Republicans will be able to do this.”

The home of Rep. Hall is located just north of Hwy. 66, east of N. Lakeside Dr, overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard.

For information, call John White at 972-771-3514.

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