Local massage parlor discovered on website selling illegal sex services

By J.J. Smith. An massage business located on the eastern edge of Lake Ray Hubbard in Rowlett in Rockwall County is listed on an erotic Asian massage parlor website which advertises that many of the businesses listed sell a variety of sex services.

Lisa Massage, located at 9806 Highway 66, in a small strip shopping center just west of the Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, is listed on the website located at It is owned by Han Shu Xia, according to the Rockwall Central Appraisal District.

A Rockwall massage parlor, Asian Healing Hands, that was previously listed on the website, was recently shut down by Rockwall police after they arrested co-owner Yan Chen on charges of prostitution.

Rockwall Police confirmed that selling sex services is illegal.

According to the website a wide variety of “Additional Services” are offered at many of the nationwide massage parlors, including “Sex” (at 82 massage parlors), “Kissing” (86), “Blow Job” (94), “Hand Job” (151), “Lick the Kitty” (73), “Finger the Kitty” (112), “Breast Play” (37) and more.

By purchasing a VIP package, ranging from $19.99 to $99.99 for different lengths of time, website users can select which masseuse they would like listed by age, height, build, cup-size and whether they have breast implants.

Masseuse ethnicity is also listed, including Asian (137), Chinese (103), Korean (26), Thai (16), Vietnamese (15), Japanese (9), Hispanic (32) and White (24).

There are 262 erotic massage parlors listed in Texas, including two now closed in Rockwall, 4 in Garland, 7 in Richardson,11 in Plano,  36 in Dallas, 139 in Houston and many more across the state.

Thousands more are listed nationwide in every state of the U.S, plus in Canada, Guam and Chile.

When a reporter for went to Lisa Massage to try to speak with the owner he found two Asian women working there who spoke such little English that they could not understand his questions. He discretely asked them if they sold sex services or knew about the website but neither seemed to understand the question. One masseuse just began massaging his shoulders and tried to usher him into one of the massage rooms, which he declined.

The woman who tipped off Rockwall police about Healing Hands has contacted Rowlett police suggesting they investigate Lisa Massage. No information is yet available from them.

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14 Responses for “Local massage parlor discovered on website selling illegal sex services”

  1. Pissy says:

    Pissy is the word I describe and down right disgusting, I just walked out of Lisa Massage after the lady that was going to massage me walked into bathroom without closing the door and used it then came out without ever washing her hands and she thought she was gonna touch me..”yea but no thank you, you nasty @** 8^### you won’t be relieving my stress. I’ll go back to my regular spot its further to drive but the use handsanitizer each and every time.

  2. Sam adams says:

    These Asian massage parlors have sprouted everywhere – each of the many Chinese owned shopping centers has one and others will go/open doors anywhere they are received –

    Been there for legit massage only to find an angry old woman curse because “me no wanna happy time” – someone is paying the cops to keep away and the Texas Dept of licensing closes its eyes since there is an Asian crime epidemic in Texas-

    Gangland, Roachardson and Planal police know all about the $60 entry fee for the house and the options offered (bj-hj-ic-etc) for $$$ which goes to the girls – which is prostitution – legal in China but not in Texas- Drugs and Hoes sustain the local economy

  3. G Rangel says:

    Blame the city of Rockwall & Rowlett for approving the business C.O. Permit For this location that shows the lack of judgement of our city inspections :-/

  4. anonymous says:

    This article is a little disappointing. Very one-sided. It also seems as if this was a rushed article rather than thorough. Get both sides, and make sure you have all the facts straight. If Bryan is right, this could harm TheRockwallNews’ credibility. Plus, I was SHOCKED to see the list of services mentioned in this article. There is such thing as ethical censorship while still being able to tell the story.

  5. Jacob says:

    This “article” sounds more like a plug for the eroticmp website. Let’s face it, lots of massage parlors offer “full relaxation” so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Sites like and have been around for years. Interesting that this new “eroticmp” site is being written about when the others are already infamous.

  6. I really like the work that has gone into making the site. I will be sure to tell all all of my blog buddies about your site

  7. Bryan says:

    Infuriating!! I have been a regular at Lisa Massage for over a year now. While the owners and therapists do not speak great English (practically none), they absolutely do not offer “additional services.” To imply that they do simply because they did not understand your questions is absurd. Yes it is true that there is a review on, however if the author has actually read the review (which was available for free) he would have discovered this is what is says:

    “This is a relatively new MP, probably has been in the area about 6 months. They have very clean, nice rooms and equipment and they use low lights and ambient music during the massage. I’ve only seen two women in there at once passing by- one usually working the front desk and the MP.”

    To exclude this obvious non-sexual review (the ONLY ONE on the erotic website) is irresponsible and leaves any readers of this ridiculous article with the impression that Lisa Massage operates illegally, which is entirely untrue. In fact, if the author would have actually done some research on the erotic website, he would have discovered multiple things: 1. By clicking on the “Advertise” tab and actually reading the page, if a massage parlor lists ITSELF and has paid for the service, its full information is displayed, including telephone, address, etc. 2. This is not the case – neither Lisa Massage’s address nor their phone number is displayed. Only “VIP only” is displayed, which, as clearly indicated on the “Advertise” page, shows only for massage parlors that have not paid for the service or listed themselves. Lisa Massage has clearly not listed itself on the erotic website.

    Additionally, the author fails to follow through on his own accusation, namely that the operators of Lisa Massage speak very poor English. If this is true, which it is, then how are they going to navigate an English-language website and list themselves?

    All the therapists at Lisa Massage are over 30 years of age and very, very nice. They are not children and were not sold by their families into “sex slavery” and to imply that they were (Stephen) when you have clearly never been there, as no one posting a comment on this website has, is completely and totally ridiculous. This article was poorly researched, based its accusations on no evidence whatsoever, leaves its readers with a completely inaccurate impression of Lisa Massage and damages a respectable local business simply because they did not understand the author’s questions.

    The author of this article owes the owners of Lisa Massage and its therapists an apology and an explanatory article, listing actual facts instead of simply accusations.

  8. been subsequent your web site for about 2 days now and i have been completely reading and get pleasure from alot of your post, now how do i subscribe to your weblog? would like to sugest some articles to add…

  9. Jackson says:

    Richard, so how did your 4 y.o know that the article even mentioned “finger the kitty” Surely the 4 y.o. didn’t read it? Maybe your response was a lil embellished?

  10. These kind of places are well known to be involved in the human trafficking/sex slave trade. The prostitutes are victims of horrible abuse and have sometimes been sold to the traffickers by their own families. For more details see:

  11. Adeline says:

    Richard, why would you tell such a lie

  12. Richard says:

    My four year old just asked me what, “finger the kitty” means…

    Thanks J.J.

  13. Adeline says:

    Warren, perhaps the energy of your outrage will motivate you to pick up the phone and complain to the Rowlett police.

  14. Warren says:

    I cannot believe you have the nerve/guts to publish in a local, family newspaper the ‘Additional [sexual] Services’ available at Lisa Massage. Have you no shame?

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