14 registered sex offenders living in Rockwall, Heath, Fate, Terrell

By J.J. Smith. Today completes a two-part series reporting on the 30 convicted sex offenders who are registered as living in Rockwall County.

According to the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office website, 16 live in Royse City, 9 in Rockwall, one in Heath, two in Fate, one in Terrell and one is listed without a current address.

Details about those living in Royse City were published yesterday.

Details about those living in Rockwall, Fate and Terrell are published below.

According to a sex offender Community Awareness Presentation now on the Rockwall Co. Sheriff’s Office’s website, it is estimated that 80% of all addresses have at least one sex offender living within one mile.

A mapping feature is available at the website to determine how close sex offenders live near your home, your child’s school or bus stop.

U.S. Department of Justice statistics listed on the Sheriff’s Dept. website reveal:

  • 45% of of sexual assault victims are under 12 years of age
  • 75% of victims know their attacker
  • 50% of sex offenders re-offend
  • Over 50% of sexual assaults occur within one mile of the victim’s home
  • Sex offenders cross socio-economic boundaries, living in both the poorest and richest neighborhoods

Registered sex offenders currently living in Rockwall are:

Theodore Perry Anderson (aka Theodore Ratliff, Zerkel Woody), 41, 401 Evans St. – convicted of second-degree felony of Indecency with a Child/Contact. Registration Date: 8/6/99

James Benton, 52, 2004 Midlakes – convicted 9/8/87 of second-degree felony of  Indecency With A Child/Contact. Registration Date: 12/2/03

Ronnie Jan Carrington, 38, 525 Willowridge Dr. – convicted 2/3/94 of second-degree felony of Indecency With A Child/Contact. Registration Date: 10/22/99

Lawrence Anthony Chavez, 61, 510 Blanche – convicted 8/15/94 of a second-degree felony of Indecency With A Child/Contact of a 15-year-old female (relative) and released from prison 8/14/04. Registration Date: 8/5/98

Christopher Allen Davis, 37, 792 N. Ben Payne – convicted of a second-degree felony of Sexual Assault. Registration Date: 1/18/2000

Kenneth Jon Felker, 61, 1321 S. Hwy. 205 – convicted 3/19/92 of a second- degree felony of Sexual Assault of a Child of a 14-year-old female (friend) and released from prison 3/18/2000 (NON COMPLIANT – LOCAL REGISTRATION VIOLATION)

Mark Edmund Fitzgerald, 53, 262 Russell Dr. – convicted of Possession Rr Promotion of Child Porn. Registration Date: 11/24/04

Richard Charles Peck, 30, 543 Willow Ridge Circle – convicted 12/30/98 of a first-degree felony of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child of a 9-year-old female and 7-year-old male and released from prison 7/22/08. Registration Date: 7/22/08

James Bryan White, 47, 395 Nicole – convicted of a first-degree felony of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child of a 3-year-old female (relative)

Living in Heath is:

Sheril Ash Crumpton, 52, 1088 Rabbit Ridge – convicted 10/9/97 of a third-degree felony of Indecency With A Child/Exposing Himself to a 10-year-old female and released from prison 10/9/2007

Living in Fate are:

Lastarza Mannie, 59, 501 A C.B. Davidson – convicted of a first-degree felony of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Registration Date: 8/7/02

George Ronald Walters, 65, 302 Hackberry Dr. – convicted of an Other Crime of a 3-year-old female. Registration Date: 12/23/05

The Terrell resident is:

James David Shelton, 26, 9453 CR 2426 – convicted 9/26/00 of a first-degree felony of an Aggravated Sexual Assault of a 42-year-old female and released 12/10/2003. Registration Date: 7/21/2003

Without a current address is:

Michael Aaron Barerra, 35, No Current Address Registered – convicted of Sexual Assault

For more information or to report a sex offender, call the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office at 972-204-7001 or visit


5 Responses for “14 registered sex offenders living in Rockwall, Heath, Fate, Terrell”

  1. Danielle says:

    Robin, I just read this article and your responses. I am so sorry to hear how ignorant some people can be. It is this fact that ignorance or lack of willingness to educate themselves is the reason why our community’s are they way they are. It is actually embarrassing to me to see such uneducated people we have writing articles on line or even in the papers. I wish that every person who made a false accusation, uneducated opinion should be sued. Maybe then people would do their home work in fear of being sued. This JJ Smith with the should be one of those people! I HATE STUPID people. Good luck to you STAND UP FOR YOUR FAMILY AND NEVER ALLOW STUPID PEOPLE TO STAND IN YOUR WAY!

  2. Robin Shelton says:

    To post and falsely advertise that he was abused as a child is in itself a heinous crime against him!

    You do not know any of the facts about the situation at all. In fact, I bet you did not do any research or homework on this subject prior to printing it (which by the way makes you Lible for damages) as offenders are required to register with law enforcement, but media is not allowed to “Cut & Paste” as you obvously did, and publicize information about a juvenile offense. In addition, juvenile offenders are not likely to re-offend as you continue to post and if you would research that you would know it! And yes, it was a mistake!!! It was indeed a frightening and traumatic event for the victim, but nonetheless a mistake, and a gross miscarriage of Justice! Read the file, know the facts, conduct interviews and do research. Be a responsible reporter, That is all I am asking!!

  3. Aimee Robinson says:

    –From article on July 19, 2009 from DMN

    But most juvenile offenders do not re-offend, says Liles Arnold, chairman of the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment.

    “With adolescent offenders, the recidivism rate is very, very low,” he says. “Adolescents are not simply younger versions of adult offenders. They’re highly treatable. They’re good candidates for rehabilitation.”

    Their chances for rehabilitation may be hampered, Arnold says, by public registration.

    Publicizing their names and addresses often leads to social isolation because parents don’t want their kids associating with sex offenders. School officials must be notified of the offender’s history, and registration makes getting accepted to college or finding work difficult.

    “We’re stigmatizing children who have a much better chance of success completing sex offender treatment and never perpetrating again,” Burrhus-Clay says.

    —So I ask you, Mr. J.J. Smith, just where exactly you got your information? Because I got this article directly from the Dallas Morning News website, who, incidentally, IS a REAL newspaper. It’s people like you that trash the names of people like James David Shelton after they have worked so hard to rebuild it. Unless you know all the facts about a case, you cannot and should not report about it, but I guess that’s why you only write for this joke of a website.

  4. Your comment has been noted by the publisher of, which incidentally is not a newspaper. We just publish news on a website. If Mr. Shelton is no longer living in Terrell, we would recommend that he contact the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office at 972-204-7001 to correct his address and any other incorrect details, since his address changes are required by law. Since he was convicted 9/26/2000, then 10 years have not yet passed and his name should still be listed on the registered sex offender registry.

    Based upon your comment, we will delete “released from prison” from the news story, if that is incorrect. We will also confirm that with law enforcement authorities. Our stories about sex offender registries are based strictly upon what information is on those websites. Contrary to your comments, research shows that the rate of recidivism among sex offenders is very high. That’s one of the main reasons that we published names and details – so the public can be alerted to potential dangers in the areas in and around Rockwall County which we serve.

    It does no good to characterize Rockwall “folks” as “small-minded” and threaten to sue the County or media. We are as concerned and on alert as the rest of the nation for sex crimes which are considered the most violent, next to murder. If he would not have attempted aggravated sexual assault, he would not be required to register as a sex offender in the first place. And, as most people would agree, attempting to sexually assault a woman as he did is not just a “mistake.” It’s a heinous act. But then again so too was the abusive treatment that he apparently experienced as he was growing up which generated his rage within which research clearly shows is the reason why virtually all sex offenders finally lash out and commit serious crimes. We sincerely hope that he has been or will be able to overcome the maltreatment and will be able to become a productive member of society.

  5. Robin Shelton says:

    In response to your article on July 9, 2010, I write the following: James David Shelton Jr. was never in prison! He was given 5 yrs probation and 10 years of registration. He was convicted as a juvenile and you are inappropriately and publicly giving false information. He is not registered in Terrell and has not been at that address for almost two years. He is not even in your county. Because of his juvenile conviction, you are not permitted to publicly place his name and information about him in any newspaper without consent. He is bound by the public internet registration only. The re-offend percentages of juvenile offenders are so low that they do not create a huge risk factor with police. But since the SMALL-MINDED folks of Rockwall County seem fit to destroy him publicly, I will need to hire an attorney to sue the county and the newspapers if it continues. He has completed all required counseling, community service, and registration requirements. He has never re-offended, and does not display any demeanor or behavior that he will. Leave him alone and let him have a normal productive adult life. He has more than paid for his mistake!

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