Loveland’s son says parents were having marital problems

By J.J. Smith. Despite comments made by friends that they appeared deeply in love, Rowlett juvenile court judge Belinda Loveland and her husband, Richard, were apparently having marital problems after all.

In the 911 call which their adult son, Dustin Loveland, made Sunday afternoon, he said,

“Yeah, I mean, he said they were having marital problem stuff.”

Loveland, an orthopedic surgery resident in Galveston, also revealed yesterday that his father had been treated for depression several years ago and still went to see a doctor regularly. But he said when they spoke twice on Father’s Day Sunday morning that nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

That changed at 5:04 pm when Loveland received the text message from his father stating that he had killed his wife and mother.

“And he sent me the code to their safe and almost sounded… probably a murder-suicide sort of thing,” said the son in the 911 call.

Police are still investigating the situation.

Rowlett officials say Judge Loveland will always be remembered for her concern for the City’s youth and for the after-school mentoring program she established to teach life skills to at-risk boys and girls called Reaching Our Community’s Kids (ROCK). She did so after seeing an influx of juvenile offenses in 2003.

The ROCK program provides junior high students with the training and encouragement necessary to succeed in school, stay out of the juvenile justice system and stay drug-free.

According to City spokeswoman Donna Huerta, Judge Loveland volunteered countless hours of her time and provided personal financial resources along with securing additional contributions so the Rowlett community could work together to make a difference in the lives of young students.

“ROCK has had a direct impact on approximately 150 Rowlett students annually,” she said.

“Her death is a tragic loss to the City of Rowlett as an organization as well as to the community,” said Mayor John Harper.

“Judge Loveland cared deeply about helping the youth of our community. For those young people who came through her court, she was passionate about helping them in hopes of changing their lives for the better.”

“Judge Loveland was a very good judge, who made real difference in the lives of many of Rowlett’s youth,” said City Manager Lynda Humble.

“Her tragic death has created a profound loss in our organization that can’t be replaced. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family and friends as we all mourn her loss.”

Funeral services for Richard Loveland will be at 10 a.m. this Saturday at the Lake Pointe Church chapel in Rockwall. Services for Belinda Loveland will follow at 12:30 p.m. at Lake Pointe’s Pier 419 youth chapel, behind the chapel.

The City of Rowlett and the Pray Rowlett fellowship of ministers will host a vigil in honor of Judge Loveland and other victims of domestic violence at 7:30 p.m. Friday on the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce lawn, 3910 Main St.

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3 Responses for “Loveland’s son says parents were having marital problems”

  1. Rocco says:

    Thanks for sharing the “private details”. It may shed light on other relationships and couples experiencing difficulties, forcing open discussion and revelation on marital issues. Your candor in this article may save someone else’s lives.

  2. We’re terribly sorry for the mistake. We printed her name correctly to begin with and then erred twice. We reported they were having marital problems because that’s the first question everyone wants to know. Family violence is a tragic nationwide epidemic and thousands of people are searching for solutions. If we discover what caused this tragedy, perhaps other murders can be prevented.

  3. Tiffany Spencer says:

    It appears that the Rockwall News and J.J. Smith are more interested in reporting private details than in making sure that they have the correct names of the deceased. Ms. Loveland’s name was Belinda Loveland…not “Brenda.” Very disrespectful.

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