Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-SC) assaults student on Washington DC sidewalk

This video has gone viral (meaning worldwide). After just two days, over 100,000 views have already been generated.

johnworr — June 14, 2010 — A college student reporter ask the simple question: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”

The entire conversation:
Student: “Hi Congressman.”
Etheridge: “Hi.”
Student: “How are you?”
Student: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” (Etheridge goes beserk and proceeds to assault the student. He then grabs the student and won’t let go.)
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “Just here for a project sir.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: We’re just here for a project.”
Etheridge: “I don’t care.” (still holding the wrist of the student)
Student: “Will you please let go of my hand.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “I’m just a student sir.”
Etheridge: “From?”
Student: “We’re just students”
Etheridge: “I have a right to know who you are.”
Student: “All we are are students.”
Student: “We’re in a public place.”
Etheridge: “So am I. Who are you? Who are you?”
Student: “Please let go of my arm.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (then grabs the back of the students neck and pulls him close to him.)
Student: “Sir, sir, sir, please sir.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (Student breaks free).

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