Rockwall area kids find learning math is fun at Mathnasium

By J.J. Smith. Who says some kids don’t like math?

Now there’s a business in Rockwall which is becoming very popular with kids and parents because it’s actually succeeding in making learning math fun for kids!

Last week nearly 20 students ranging from kindergarten to ninth grade attended “Game Night” at the new Mathnasium franchise in Rockwall Crossing Shopping Center, next to the Cotton Patch restaurant.

Mathnasium is the leading math tutoring program in the nation for about half the price of private tutors. Their theme was “10 is your Friend – Bring a Friend,” and they played math games for several hours that were based upon the number “10.”

“After we played and then fed them, winners received prizes,” said co-owner Elizabeth Lyons, who has 20 years of teaching experience. “We also had drawings throughout the night.”

She said more than half of the students present were not even Mathnasium students because their programs and game nights are becoming so popular.

“They all brought friends – some of whom were repeats from our first game night.  We had to turn away some because we were maxed out. There are already kids on our reservation sheet for the next game night in July,” she added.

Mathnasium is a unique kind of learning center which provides pre and post math testing plus individual tutoring designed to significantly increase children’s math skills, while building confidence and positive attitude toward the subject.

The program is the result of 30 years of hands-on experience with thousands of children and is the life’s work of the company’s Chief Instructional Officer, Larry Martinek, a teacher and math teaching consultant in the Los Angeles area.

“Children don’t hate math,” says Martinek. “They hate being confused and intimidated by math. With understanding comes passion. And with passion  come growth – a treasure is unlocked.”

Approved by the Texas Dept. of Education and numerous other states, there are 197 Mathnasium centers in the U.S. and over 30 in 15 other countries. Highly specialized, they teach only math.

A gymnasium develops the body. Mathnasium develops the mind.” reads one of its slogans.

Martinek says the key to understanding math is the concept of “Number Sense.”

“Number Sense does not develop by accident. It is the result of a process of encounter and interaction with a specific set of concepts and skills presented in a way that makes sense to the learner.”

Independent studies performed over the past three years by EyeCues Education Systems found Mathnasium ‘to be effective almost 100 percent of the time, with 20 sessions or less, increasing student performance on standard based tests.  Student skills improved by at least a grade level in most cases.

Members pay a monthly membership fee, and usually attend for about an hour two or three times per week, said Lyons.

For more information visit or call the Rockwall location at 972-722-6000.


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