Rockwall Republicans help elect new Chair at State Convention

By J.J. Smith. The Rockwall Republican Party’s 36 delegates, alternates and guests were among the estimated 12,000 party members and guests at the Texas GOP Convention in Dallas last weekend where Steve Munisteri of Houston and Melinda Fredericks of Conroe were elected as the Party’s new Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively.

According to former Rockwall GOP Chairman and delegate, Fate Mayor Bill Broderick, Rockwall delegates voted 21 to 15 for Munisteri over former Chairman Cathie Adams.

“The convention is always exciting. This year didn’t let us down,” he said. “It was pretty obvious that new blood is what the delegates wanted. Out with the old and in with the new. Cathie Adams was not re-elected.”

Delegates cheered as Gov. Rick Perry accepted his party’s nomination for Texas Governor but then rejected his opinion that the Arizona immigration law is not right for Texas.

Texas GOP delegates heartily supported the new Arizona immigration law and endorsed their own initiative that calls for a state law to bar illegal immigrants from “intentionally or knowingly” living in Texas in a blueprint of policies the party wants elected officials to pursue.

New Rockwall County Republican Party Chairman Paul Wilson, who was a guest, said he really enjoyed the experience.

“This year’s convention was my first and what an incredible experience it was. Whether it was a Senate District caucus or the general session, the festivities were efficiently run and well-coordinated. I was so very proud as a Texan and a Republican to have been witness.”

“Immediately I recognized a unified party, state-wide, single minded in purpose equipped with a message of inclusion. Wow! What a positive message for all Texans regardless of party affiliation,” he said.

First-time delegate Michelle Smith said it was an “awesome experience.”

“I learned so much about how the Republican party platform is made,” she explained. “I personally know Cathie Adams, and I am grateful to her for her service as the State Party Chair.”

“I am looking forward to what Steve Munisteri will bring to the table. I hope he will stand firm for Life and his words about the grassroots activism.”

The Republican party needs to stop all in-fighting and pull together for the sake of winning. 2010 is where it needs to start, and in 2012 the Republican party needs to dominate.”

Rockwall delegate and Rowlett Mayor Dr. John Harper said he was struck by the number of new delegates in Rockwall, Hunt and Dallas Counties.

“I am taking this as a sign of more grassroots involvement by citizens and that is a good thing,” he said.

“Everyone seems to be in agreement about the importance of the 2010 elections. My message to all those I spoke with is that we must support our candidates not only with a donation of money but also with a donation of our time. The time is now and the outcome is critical. We must take our Country back.”

“Seeing so many declared candidates for the US Senate seat held by Kay Hutchison, I feel certain that she will be strongly challenged should she decide to run yet again – or will she?” he continued.

“My wife, Debra, was a voting delegate during the floor fight for the RPT Chair and Vice-Chair. What a historical event!”

Rockwall City Council member and delegate Mark Russo said it was a great event which showed the party is in an anti-incumbent mood.

“What I came away with was that the grass roots is ready for fresh, new change. It was The Statement of the convention. There was a real anti-incumbent mood resonating throughout the event. The GOP is clammoring for new ideas and new leadership.”


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