Fate Mayor calls town meeting June 14 to discuss state of City

By J.J. Smith. In view of several problems which have surfaced recently in the City of Fate, Fate Mayor Bill Broderick has scheduled a town meeting to discuss the state of the City June 14.

The meeting will begin at 7 pm, at The Lakes Church, located just north of I-30, between State Highways 549 and 551, at 3025 E. I- 30, Fate, 75132.

According to the Mayor, who was just elected to his second two-year term, his presentation will cover numerous topics. Afterward there will be a question and answer session for Fate residents.

He stressed that he will not allow debates or arguments but will be happy to answer any questions from residents in hopes of clarifying some misinformation which he said currently exists.

Topics he will cover include:

  1. Financials – including the effect that former City Secretary Sandra Lobban’s embezzlement has had upon City audits
  2. Economic development – including information about stores and government buildings
  3. Subdivisions – Fate is still growing at about a 17 percent rate
  4. Police & Fire departments
  5. Public schools
  6. ISEI trash pickup
  7. Matching funds for Smith City Park – not allowed for other City parks

For those residents who can’t attend the meeting, the Mayor said a summary presentation will be mailed in water bills to all Fate residents near the end of June.

For more information, call the City of Fate at 972-771-4601.

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4 Responses for “Fate Mayor calls town meeting June 14 to discuss state of City”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can we search on Youtube? Too angry at the city to go. Probably would have been rentacop escorted out.

  2. CHRIS CAUBLE says:

    The meeting was a staged event for the most part as soon as i had a chance to speak i was furious at the arrogance of the mayor,and his cronies.its one o’clock in the morning i cant sleep I’m just pissed off still,they just make me sick basically all the governments are making everyone sick and tired of the lies and deception these people are doing!And that so called mayor hes a joke!i recorded most of the meeting it will be viral soon on YouTube.so check it out for yourself.If you can stand listening to a narcissist that long.it was a disgrace the way our community is headed in the wrong direction!!!

  3. gary turner says:

    I wonder why the crooked past city secretary (Lobban) doesn’t have to pay back ALL of the money not to mention the time she has stolen from the taxpayers. I believe she has a muncipal retirement fund she can pay the taxpayers back from.

    Wonder if (or why not) the current mayor and council investigated the former city manager (Boren) for teft of city or taxpayer property or funds. Hummmmmm???

    Wonder why the city took a loan out to pave Ben Payne Road? Funds wew previously approved to have the road repaired correctly but Boren, Broderick and the council allowed a shoddy job to get paid for by our taxpayers without a maintenance bond to keep the road up to something drivable???

    Fast forward to recently, Ben Payne Road was surveyed, underground utilities flagged and all of the residents (except one at 501, councilwoman Garber) have continually had to mow around the markers. I guess we can all remove our utility markers now too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like another regular city council meeting where the mayor reserves the right that he can shut down anyone who wants to talk. As for misinformation, it only comes from the lack of information that the citizens are given. I wonder if the summary presentation will be anything like the council meeting minutes. Do you think anyone will ask the question about how our own mayor feels about the fact that 120 people our of Fate’s 5000+ citizens are 100% confident in his abilites since that is how many votes he received in the last election?

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