Two Heritage Christian students raise $1,200 for Haiti relief

By J.J. Smith. Soon after hearing about the devastating earthquake that leveled much of Haiti in January, two freshmen students who attend Rockwall’s private Christian college prep school Heritage Christian Academy decided to do something to help the millions of people stranded there. They just didn’t know what.

After learning from their HCA art teacher that a water filter could be purchased for $1,200 that would provide sanitary water for drinking and wound care that would ultimately save the lives of hundreds of people, Cate Walker and Molly Devine sprang into action.

“We felt called to do something but we didn’t know what,” said Molly, the daughter of Tom and Valerie Devine of Forney.

“Then Mr. Tully, our art teacher, told us of an opportunity to be involved in the relief efforts,” said Cate, the daughter of Royse City residents Eddie and Sarah Walker.

Matt Tully’s church, Nation’s Church in Dallas, was involved in a program responsible for purchasing water filters and they were told they could help.

The stainless steel, nearly-indestructable filters made by Katadyn Products clean 25,000 gallons of water by hand pump before having to be cleaned with a scrubby and are used regularly by the U.S. military.

Molly and Cate quickly began collecting money to purchase one water filter.

“There were several things we did to collect the money,” explained Cate. We went to the elementary classes after lunch each day and received left-over change. We asked for it in weekly high school chapels. We stayed after HCA events and collected money from parents as they left.”

Molly said she also donated some of her earnings from a concert she gave at a coffee house.

As the two girls were nearing their goal, with guitars in hand they went to Mrs. Aja’s first-grade class at HCA, sang three songs and then told the first-graders how donating to their water filter effort would help save hundreds of lives.

The class had been collecting money for missionary work and placing it in what they called their “Jesus Jar.” After listening to the girls talk about their cause, the first-graders decided to donate their earnings to the relief effort, as well. The $75 from the class pushed Molly and Cate over their goal with a final total of $1243.00.

The two girls said they are very excited to be able to contribute something significant to the relief effort.

“It’s just so great to me that even though we are so young we can still do something significant to save lives,” said Cate.

“Cate and Molly truly exemplify the characteristics of Jesus Christ in their attitudes and actions,” said Kendra Cordero, HCA communications director.

Photo shows Molly, left, and Cate with HCA first graders holding their “Jesus Jar” full of money they donated.

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  1. Jim White says:

    So very proud of both of them. And of the classes at HCA that do similar fund raising and mission work throughout the school year. There is something special going on at HCA!

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