TEA Party member, political newcomer David White challenging Margo Nielsen for City Council seat

By J.J. Smith. A Rockwall TEA party member and conservative blogger who says he is upset with what he believes are the free-spending actions and unprofessional behavior of several Rockwall City Council members is running for political office for the first time in the May 8 Rockwall municipal election, challenging two-term incumbent City Council member Margo Nielsen.

David White, who graduated from Rockwall High School in 1993 and is the current Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club Treasurer, said he is not singling out Nielsen as acting unprofessional , but is running against her because she just happens to be the only non-conservative up for re-election.

He said he’s really running more against the whole Council as it is currently constructed.

He believes that several Council members need to stop the heavy-handed tactics that he has seen displayed on several occasions and abandon the mocking and berating of each other – especially in public Council meetings.

He believes that several City Council members should be much more frugal when spending taxpayers’ money, as well.

“In my personal life, I practice what I believe – frugality,” he said.  “I have zero debt, except for a very small amount left on my mortgage which will likely be paid off this year. I was able to do that living within my means, just as I expect my government to do. I take care of my needs, before I start spending on extras or luxuries -just as I expect my city to do.

“If every road in Rockwall is not 100%, why is there a plan for a $20-30 million athletic complex and other luxury spending?”

He expressed concern, as well, that there are over $65 million worth of projects now being considered by council.

“Projected money is down, let’s spend some more” is the attitude of some council members,” he said.

“It is unacceptable to let any road, sewer, or other basic infra-structure go into a state of disrepair. The City would have to cut back on some of the less-vital programs like ‘Concerts by the Lake’ if the alternative means potholes and sewer problems.”

White, who was also a member of the Lake Rockwall Estates Annexation Task Force where he lives, said he decided to run when he saw how poorly that some City staff and Council members handled the annexation.

“My neighborhood was annexed which is 80-90% Hispanic. The city has passed or proposed ordinances targeted at our neighborhood. Rockwall is over 150 years old, and it is odd that certain things only became an issue for certain staff and council right after annexation.”

“Our neighborhood has its own code enforcement officer whose job it is to help ‘clean up the neighborhood.’ The constant hammering over the head has subdued a lot for the last couple of months.”

“What I would do differently is encourage and work with the neighborhood and get outside people involved who want to affect positive change – such as Lake Pointe Church has done – and not try and force change with heavy handed tactics.”

He added that these tactics and some of the Council’s behavior during session is “downright shameful.”

“Mocking or berating other members during a meeting is an embarrassment to the city,” he said. I’ve attended all but one regular council meeting since February, 2009, and I blog about it at www.RockwallZoo.com.”

A systems integrator for his family’s business which supplies energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems for large corporations, White said is running for office because he loves Rockwall after living here for most of his life and wants to help make it become “a shining example of greatness.”

“I am running because I love Rockwall and want it to be the shining example of greatness, not a clone of other suburbs, as seems to be the goal now.”

“People want to move to Rockwall, there has never been negative growth in the city. People will always want to move to Rockwall so long it always maintains the Rockwall “feel” – small town, great community. It is more a priority of mine to maintain Rockwall’s greatness. Growth will follow.”

“Businesses come to Rockwall because of the growth. I have seen multiple instances where businesses that wanted to come to Rockwall get pushed-back and ultimately did not come to Rockwall. There are even cases where some of the newer businesses had to jump through hoops just to open.”

“I would almost say the business development occurred despite the City’s actions.”

“It appears that trash collection, park maintenance, police and fire protection, and roads are done well. That’s a result of good people employed by the city and not necessarily a direct action of Council.”

The son of Rockwall TEA party founder John White, he says he does not have any pet projects that he wants to propose.

“I am an odd candidate because I have no great project I wish to build so everyone in town can see how great I am,” he said.

“If elected I would push for getting more citizens to attend City Council meetings. Many times the only two people left at the end are the reporter from the Herald-Banner and myself.”

“Social media has been discussed at length at Council to do this, but this free and easy service has not been utilized. Broadcasting/streaming council meetings could be done for little cost. Councilman Farris is already pushing for this and I would do whatever it takes to get it implemented.”

For more information, visit www.ElectWhite.org.


30 Responses for “TEA Party member, political newcomer David White challenging Margo Nielsen for City Council seat”

  1. Matt Scott says:

    Say what you want to make yourself feel better, but 67% to 33% is a whipping in most sane people’s book.

  2. Big Kahuna says:

    LOL! Only in a morons world does 600 votes vs 350 votes constitute a resounding victory.hahaha! Mr. Scott–please seek immediate help at your local mental facility asap!

  3. Matt Scott says:

    On qualifications, Ms. Nerren, it’s in the city charter. As for my opinion on why David What should not be in council, I never said Mr. White was not qualified to be on council. I said just coming to council meetings alone, however, does not MAKE someone qualified to run for council, and that was really all Mr. White or the rest of you ever said as to why he should be a council member. But you need tonread more closely what I said and did not say before you go off half-cocked.

    I am done with this. The election is over. The voters have rejected Mr. White’s radicalism. The vast majority of us who voted, and those that didn’t, are better off for it.

  4. Matt Scott says:

    I guess the overwhelming majority of voters don’t buy your and David White’s brand of patriotism after all. Unless you are going to claim 38% should win over 62%. And if I ever needed any of these folks’ (Ms. Nerren, Mr. Weible, the cowardly guys who post anonymously, or anyone with the last name White) votes to win any election, I’d just as soon lose.

  5. Ben Weible says:

    Well, Mr. Scott, it appears that we’ve moved on from a discussion of issues to a dazzling display of historical illiteracy. It’s one thing to misread a sentence, as you’ve done, in yet another lame attempt to silence a significant minority. It’s quite another to be completely and unabashedly ignorant of our form of government. (I can only assume you refer to the United States of America when you say “where majority rule has worked for 200+ years.”)

    Our Founders were well aware of the dangers of unfettered democracy when they recognized some of our most basic rights and created our constitutional republic. You reveal much about your principles, or lack of them, as you extoll the virtues of the very tyranny of the majority the Founders sought to avoid. And yes, I do look forward to tomorrow. Thing is, regardless of the outcome, my convictions aren’t up for a vote. I guess now we know that yours are.

  6. Big Kahuna says:

    Whether Mr. White wins or loses…..one thing I can guarantee is I will campaign HEARTILY against Matt Scott. You have disgraced yourself, sir. If you govern like you appear on this stream, you should return to civiian life asap. I have seen nude clowns at the circus who have not been so disgraceful. “Idiot” is too nice a compliment for you……

  7. Sheri Nerren says:

    Of course, Mr. Scott ALWAYS avoids the true question that he has been asked several times and that is AGAIN…What makes one qualified to run for city council?

    Is the reason that Mr. Scott will not answer this question is because he is too busy trying to think of more and better ways to berate this citizen that chose to run for a council seat?

    WOW, look who is continuing to call the kettle black??? Mr. Scott has done this on many websites of what he accuses David of doing, but I guess since he is a sitting council member it is different…it is constructive criticism.

    I would have more respect for Mr. Scott, which I have only the respect afforded to an “old” person hence the reason for using the title Mister, if he would STOP being such a huge political mud slinger. Anyone in politics that does this does not deserve to be in office because that isn’t what being a political figure means. They are to be respected for their behavior not only in the office that they were elected to, but also have a behavior in the private sector that would becoming of a gentleman/woman. When you go on every outlet afforded to spew such hateful trash about a person running for political office, you should lose the respect of voters. Instead of mudslinging what should have happened is that Mr. Scott should have given the attributes of the incumbent and let the voter know what she has to offer its citizens not degrade, berate and ridicule the opponent. There should be respect.

    I personally do not like Margo Nielsen for the fact that she had a vested interest in getting LRE zoned for multi-family disregarding the fact that infrastructure could not handle the overcrowding that building those type of homes create as evidenced in a council meeting by a licensed civil engineer that lives in the area. (I would like to add that someone on council suggested that somehow multifamily reduced the number of residents…funny math)… Thank goodness that it didn’t pass the council because that would have been a travesty since it was the residents that didn’t want it, but a developer on council.
    Nielsen also paid another council member in campaign funds to talk David out of running against her…is someone scared….are you scared Mr. Scott that if David is elected, and I will attend every council meeting that I can because it will be quite funny to see you worm in your seat every meeting, that you will no longer have an ally on the council that will, and pardon the expression, participate in the exchange of butt kissing?

    You know maybe if the City of Rockwall would do something about the water and the fleecing of the residents of LRE, then that extra $100 a month that we pay Aqua could go to maybe home improvements…I don’t know…just saying. That’s right LRE residents pay $137.83 a month just to have water hooked up to their house (I pulled my bill so that I would be truthful)…where as I pay $59.13 for water, sewer and trash on the other side of town. Why won’t city council do something about this? Why have they refused to talk about the water situation in LRE?

    A few comments about Mr. Scott’s cut and paste; I guess I didn’t clarify, that when you use someone’s quotes then they need to support the opinion that one is trying to get across. This is done on that infamous TAKS test that everybody loves, and by today’s standards, Mr. Scott would fail miserably and be stuck in after school tutorials trying to learn how to correctly back his statements. Aren’t you a lawyer…oh yes you just ask questions

    The comments about those that would oppose his run for city council that they are “low-lifes”…well Mr. Scott if the shoe fits…which you decided to wear and it looks good on you…is true. Like I said previously our elected officials shouldn’t have acted like Mr. Scott in the manner that he has, especially towards someone doing exactly what our fore fathers of this great nation wanted us to do, and that is if we didn’t like that our government was taking control in matters that were personal, then it was the duty to rise up against that government. After all, didn’t the revolutionists rise up against ole’ George because of the imposing of government?

    1.His view on Rockwall voters was not adequately supported because David never said anything against Rockwall voters. What he said was that he would no longer just tell people to vote for the sake of voting, but to know who they were voting for and what that candidate stood for.

    2.This bond election…notice David never stated anything against the school improvements that were bundled in with this bond…only said he was against the fancy cement pond and the new Plano/Frisco approved football stadium. Mr. Scott never pointed out that those standing alone failed to pass but because voters felt that the improvements to the SCHOOLS and Technology were important then that is why they passed…were voters notified that there could be another bond that would make these improvements without the cement pod and fancy stadium that can be seen from I-30 (kinda sounds like the city on a hill???)

    3.The comment about council members being fully informed on a matter before voting…David never said that council should make a blind vote he just said that some stupid questions could be avoided…now you know that you have sat through meetings or in classrooms where someone has asked a question and you thought, “oh they just went over that,” or, “Well that was a stupid question.” Oh or are we now of the school that no question is a stupid question?

    4.His view on code enforcement… Well the city can’t obey its own ordinances, so how do you expect its citizens to? I have seen a change on Tubbs since David has made that statement…although it looks like it needs to be mowed again…He also didn’t say that code enforcement was “picking” on LRE residents…that was actually Cliff said in session and were not David’s words.

    5.His view on citizens concerns about businesses that sell alcohol near a park…We as citizens need to read up on the law we need to be informed citizens…second, there are signs posted on every store that states that alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises, then there is already a city ordinance that doesn’t allow alcohol to be consumed in the park anyway. Really, they just didn’t want a 7-11 in their neighborhood. So that would mean she favors higher taxes and keep Rockwall undeveloped?? Right? When I go to that park it would be nice to be able to walk to the 7-11 and get a nice cold bottle of water since the water fountain is NASTY.

    I pray that David makes a victory and bring change to a city that I have lived in for many, many years. I don’t want my city to look like any other city; I want my city to make smart choices with my hard earned money.

    Mr. Scott will you finally answer the question…What makes one qualified to run for city council?

  8. myhatistilted says:

    Welcome to the new TOPIX!!

  9. Matt Scott says:

    Ben, I think you need to use a calculator. If 40% voted against something, that means 60% voted for it. Your 50% plus 1 argument makes no sense. If 60% of the community voted for something, that is an overwhelming majority. I understand you don’t like that. I understand you think your vocal minority should win because you are in it. But it’s time you stopped trying to paint yourself or David White as freedom loving, free-enterprise patriots, especially when you follow up that flag waiving with the very definition of the opposite. If you don’t like living in a democracy where majority rule has worked for 200+ years, there are a number of countries where minority rule prevails (Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba all come immediately to mind). I guess after tomorrow we will know if your brand of “patriotism” runs through our community as strongly as it runs through you and David White.

  10. El Cynic says:

    Haha, positive change in the same sentence as Lake Pointe Church… That’s a good one indeed. If I had a nickel for every person who has tried to steal from me, and then, when I try and get them to pay for the material that they got for their 500k dollar or more house, replied with “I will have you know I am a christan and I go to Lake Pointe Church” I could probably recoup all the money that their lovely members of stolen from me. I’m quite sure if Jesus were alive today he would find great joy in a multi-million dollar facility built in his name instead of being in a meek small building and letting that money go to help the poor and hungry. I mean it’s not like Jesus ever said “you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me” or anything like that… Oh, wait…

    P.S. I know that the maintenance for the landscaping there alone runs around 40,000 dollars month. I know the guy who does it (ex-con for selling drugs, car salesman, etc etc). Why not allow some of the poor and downtrodden people in the area maintain that rediculous landscape so that they can eat and possibly learn about God? Oh yeah, I remember now. Its all about appearances and such. Oh congrats goes to Lake Pointe Church for being the #1 ranked “place to be seen” in Rockwall. Jesus would be proud.

  11. Ben Weible says:

    Mr. Scott’s laudable research and use of copy/paste bring up some good points:

    The question-fueled tedium of city council meetings is often an outgrowth of the city’s involvement with matters it simply has no business pondering, especially when it comes to the regulation and harassment of small businesses that are already heavily regulated by other jurisdictions, and David recognizes that. David sees code enforcement not as a make-work program or a way to make Rockwall a clone of other cities, but he sees it as one avenue to limit true health and safety risks. Regarding the RISD natatorium and stadium, fully 40% of the voters disapproved of the massive bond that included them. David is representing the same principles of frugality that informed those voters, rather than attempting to stifle the dissent of anyone who dared to be on the opposing side of that or some other divinely inspired 50% +1 majority. (Interestingly, both the stadium and natatorium propositions were defeated when considered on their own merits; they only passed when they were rolled into a bigger bond that addressed the district’s other wants.)

    But BobC is right in that this isn’t about Mr. Scott; it has always been about principles. Those of Ms. Jeffus and LRE Resident are common to the people who, in all likelihood, will not vote for David. The people who will look to city government to solve their problems, to impose their wishes on others, to interfere with private enterprise, and to force people to use their property in a way that fits others’ personal preferences, will no doubt find candidates who are more than happy to usurp rights and resources and then take credit for the results. Those of us who respect personal responsibility, property rights, free entrepreneurship, and individual liberty will support David White.

    And while I know that the same tired, old talking points have to be revived here in the absence of substantive new material (http://www.matthewrscott.us/?p=83 ), I’m surprised that the best David’s critics can do is, “He’s mad because he got annexed, he makes comments during council meetings, and he hates Rockwall!” The last is an especially asinine assertion considering that David has called Rockwall home longer than even many of his critics have, but I guess they haven’t been around long enough to know that. David did oppose annexation, but once he was annexed he immediately got involved, much to the dismay of those who have an agenda to grow city government. Those who take the time to talk to him or read his work will find that his agenda is to improve the city by letting the citizens and property owners use their time and resources in the way that that is most productive and beneficial for their families. (By the way Ms. Jeffus, I’m surprised you weren’t aware of David, given your regular attendance at council meetings. You really should get to know him; he’s a great guy!)

    Is David passionate? Yes. Is he effective? Yes, he is, and that’s probably what has scared his detractors into dreaming up these fanciful stories.

  12. Melba L. Jeffus says:

    First of all, Tom K., vague threats do not scare me because I took notes and I know what I heard and saw. I didn’t know who these 3 men were, but their disrespectful behavior prompted me to inquire about their identity after the meeting. When the P&Z chair made his report to council regarding the changes at 1st Baptist Church, it was obvious that they thought the comments and request made by the P&Z were excessive and unnecessary. When council was asking questions and discussing this issue, they were impatient with the length of discussion time. There was similar immature behavior during the discussion with Charter Communications. The Charter representative was discussing the audit that would be done to determine if monies were owed to the city. The elder Mr. White made a snide remark about the city not knowing if money was owed to them for the past 4 years.
    They seemed particularly disrespectful of David Sweet. The incident with the camera was the action that really made me take notice of these men. Until then I just thought they were rude and that their behavior was similar to immature teenagers. David Sweet had some papers in his hand. He raised the papers up to the top of his head and in front of his face. That’s when the man in the middle (I found out after the meeting that he is John White) quickly got out this camera and was trying to take a picture of David with these papers in front of him. Mr. White was laughing and very animated. He was very disappointed when he couldn’t get the camera turned on quickly enough to get the picture. As for substantiation, I feel certain that I am not the only person in the council chamber who noticed this behavior.
    Until I learned who these men were, the only thing I knew about David White was what I remembered of him when he was fighting against the annexation of LRE and what I read about his campaign platform in the DMN. After I found out the identity of the men, I did some reading on the blogs of both Mr. Whites and that is what prompted my original post to this site. David White’s contempt and disrespect for Rockwall and it’s citizens makes me wonder why any Rockwall citizen would want this man on our council. It became very obvious to me that David White isn’t interested in being a team player on our council. The behavior I witnessed told me he doesn’t respect the work done by the council and would be there to cause dissention. Let me be clear about this. I don’t expect any council member to be a “yes” person. There should always be respectful discussion and the attitude of “agreeing to disagree.” I do not believe David White would conduct himself in this manner. Until Monday night I didn’t have any preconceived opinions about David White. I am supporting Margo in the race because of her past accomplishments and work on the council. After Monday night, I have very strong feelings that David White is not the man for this job!!
    I respect the work done by our council and take these meetings seriously. The work done in these meetings determines the direction our city will take in the future. Their work is tedious and time consuming, but extremely important. Each member of the council needs to do their homework on every issue and be open minded during discussions of the issues facing them.
    Mr. White and others on this site have spoken about how this council has spent monies on unnecessary, expensive projects and raised taxes in order to fund these projects. When the citizens of Rockwall go to the polls and vote to approve bonds for projects the voters want, the council is obligated to go forward with the project that is funded by that bond. The money to repay that bond has to come from some source and, if the voters want the project, they have to know the city will probably need to raise taxes in order to pay for it. This decision was made by the voters at the poll not by the council.

  13. Matt Scott says:

    Just a few of David’s “funny” and “satirical” comments about things (taken directly from his blog):

    Comments on anyone who might oppose his run for City Council:

    “There will certainly be some attacks from some low-lifes.”

    His view of Rockwall City Council meetings in general:

    “This meeting took over as the number one spot for “Most Tedious Council Meeting” ever. Number two is all the rest.”

    His view of Rockwall voters:

    “Quick note: I worked as an alternate judge for the election yesterday. I had multiple opportunities to talk to voters throughout the day. If it’s true that “ignorance is bliss”, there are a lot of very happy people in this county. . . . I will no longer encourage the popular mantra “Go Vote” just to vote and “make sure your voice is heard”.”

    His view of ignoring the will of the voters:

    “It is an irresponsible use of our taxes to fund . . . [t]he natatorium where only a select few get to swim [and] Football stadium improvements that don’t make people run faster or catch more footballs.”

    NOTE—Both these items were approved by the voters in an RISD bond election.

    His view on council members attempting to make informed decisions about issues before the council:

    “Sometimes an issue is brought forward, and council asks copious questions I can’t imagine any rational human asking. Concerns so focused that I can only imagine only one person or a small handful would even worry about. Yet phrased in such a way, that it seems thoughtfully out of the blue. The are issues brought forward that would only affect 99.9% of Rockwall, yet receive great attention for just a few from council, staff, or a combination of both. I have often wondered, “Why would anyone even care about that?” or “Whose life is so boring and petty that they could spend so much time fretting over such a ridiculous matter in which the resulting action will do nothing but impeded or inconvenience a larger group?”

    His view of code enforcement:

    “The city will selectively enforce this as it cannot be reasonably enforced. Staff also noted that the drafted ordinance was modeled after other cities which are so great the same staff doesn’t want to live or work there. Mussolini would have been so proud.” (emphasis added) “(Does this mean the city sill start enforcing the codes in the rest of the city that they so diligently enforce in the Zoo, or does this mean even more heavy handed code enforcement in the Zoo?) . . . . Customers want code enforcement to drive regular routes (like is done in the Zoo…) . . . . Code enforcement is not the issue, it is those with the influence or power creating codes and ordinances to address pet peeves targeting small groups or individuals.”

    His view of citizens who voiced concern about the possibility of a new business that sells alcohol locating near a city park:

    “Require an SUP for any business wanting to sell alcohol within 200 feet of a city park, This was mainly targeted stemming from the proposed 7-11 at Tubbs and Horizon (which would have been AWESOME! *sigh*). Sounded like some cranky lady who was horrified at the thought some precious little snowflake would see alcohol sold near the Park at Fox Chase. I wonder where this cranky old bat buys groceries? Or maybe she was worried people would buy alcohol at the store and then drink it at the park which is already forbidden by the city.”

    But I’m the kindergartner for pointing this out, right?

  14. Tom K says:

    Mr Scott, you misunderstand. Someone has made an accusation without substantiation.

  15. Matt Scott says:

    Amazing that Tom K would try to intimidate a citizen from expressing her observations and opinions about David White. Just more of the same–people who believe they can say whatever they want, but all contrary viewpoints should be silenced. Amazing cowardice and hypocrisy.

  16. Tom K says:

    Ms Jeffus, what comments did you hear them say? I think it unfair to say something like that unless you give specifics. To say such things without substantiation could lead to legal troubles for yourself.

  17. LRE Resident says:

    I do not think that the Code Enforcement person in charge of this area is PICKING on people. David you must not see what really goes on in this area.Sometimes you have to be tuff on people otherwise they try to get away with as much as they can. I too wanted changes in this area..even thou you didn’t.Just because its LRE you have decided it need not follow codes. For this reason I will vote for Margo,I want to continue forward with making the LRE area clean and up to code. I am for the person that wants better for this area,not for someone that is out for council just to prove that he can.

  18. Melba L. Jeffus says:

    My family moved to Rockwall in 2004. Almost immediately, we began attending city council as well as P&Z meetings because of a proposed zoning change to the property adjoining our own. This issue took almost 2 years to be resolved so we became well acquainted with the council members as well as the P&Z commissioners. This proposed zoning change was a very emotional issue for us. The council was very attentive and concerned for us, but in particular Matt Scott, Margo Nielsen and Tim McCallum were wonderful. I have continued to attend these meetings fairly regularly. I think most of our council members do an outstanding job. Needless to say, they do not always agree with each other, but I have never witnessed the issues that David White refers to. Margo Nielsen is one of the most caring, hard working, intelligent women that I have ever known. Mr. White states that he decided to oppose Margo because she was the “only non-conservative who was up for re-election.” I have had many conversations with Margo during my 6 years in Rockwall and have listened to her speak and voice her opinions regarding numerous topics being discussed at council meetings. I find Margo’s decisions and opinions to be very much conservative and fiscally sound. I am a very conservative Republican and a member of the Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club. I agree that our council needs to be mindful of the financial climate we are experiencing in the country, state and county and I believe they take their responsibilities very seriously.

    When companies consider potential cities for relocation or expansion, some of the things they look at are the roads, availability of affordable housing, and the schools. Five years ago we fell way short on the road situation. Since then we have seen the reconstruction of SH 205, and completion of John King Blvd., as well as repairs and expansions to many other roads in the city. Our council was instrumental in this progress. I for one am very grateful for the difficult job they do. I have given a lot of thought to what they commit to when they decide to run for office. I am in awe of the number of hours their job requires as well as the fact that every time they vote on an issue they know without a shadow of a doubt that they are going to make some people mad.

    I don’t think Mr. White cares about the city of Rockwall at all. In fact, I think he is angry that LRE was annexed by the city and is looking for a place to “grind his ax.” I for one do not want him grinding that ax at every city council meeting. This past Monday night I sat behind Mr. White, his father and another man at the council meeting. During the meeting, they made snide remarks about council members, rude remarks about comments made by council members, and at one point they tried to take of picture of a council member who was holding papers in front of his face and were making rude remarks about him. If this is the way Mr. White acts in the audience, I shudder to think what he would do if seated with the council! I think Mr. White is a trouble maker who wants to get even with the city and certain council members for the annexation of LRE. Our council has many important tasks and decisions to complete and they do not need the likes of David White seated with them. My family has already early voted and we all voted for Margo Nielsen. I hope you will do the same!!!

  19. BobC says:

    The issue at hand isn’t whether or not folks like Councilmember Scott. The issue is, as it should be, which of the two candidates is best qualified to serve as Rockwall’s Place 6 City Councilmember for the next two years. All you have to do is examine what each of the two candidates has done to prepare himself or herself for this service. Once you’ve done that you’ll clearly understand that Margo Nielsen is best qualified “by a mile.” Don’t allow yourself to be scared into believing that any single councilmember can “raise taxes” in the city. That simply CANNOT happen. It takes a yea vote of the majority of the Council to do that. Also, if you examine what has happened to taxes in the City over the past several years … the ONLY increases have been to pay down debt on CITIZEN-APPROVED bonds. In fact, taxes that support the M&O part of the budget have decreased … and this during Margo Nielsen’s service.

    Finally, to thwart off the onslaught of responses accusing me of going onto a ‘father’s website and being critical of that father’s son’ such is not the case. This ‘blog’ has been established as a political forum on which folks may post their views. I’ve posted mine before and I wouldn’t retract a single thing I have posted.

    So … for those who have not yet voted … do your homework and understand what this election is all about. You’ll quickly learn that Margo Nielsen is the best candidate. Then go vote for the BEST.

  20. amen to kuhuna says:

    David, Big Kahuna has some good points! Didn’t like his comment about musket carriers as if that’s what the Tea Party Movement is about, and I would ask BK what he suggests be done to counteract this socialist movement in our country. Anyway, he gave you some good advice. Wish the rest of the council, including the “elitetist Matt Scott” (good description of the loud mouth) would listen.

  21. Michelle Smith says:

    I agree with John, sounds to me like Mr. Scott is the one on attack since he is going around attacking everyone’s pages..Boy, I can’t wait till the Mayor elections..I sure do have a lot to share with all my friends. Thanks Mr. Scott. There is a scripture in the Bible that talks about how Knowledge Puffs up..I think it has gone to his head.

    Michelle Smith

  22. Jack Billings says:

    I have lived in and around Rockwall for many years. I remember the day when we had a City Council which looked out for the citizens of Rockwall, rather than special interests; developers with a shaky past when it comes to bankruptcy and leaving citizens, investors, and now the city, high and dry (Rob Whittle); and themselves.

    There are 4 members of the City Council who seem dead set to ignore the will of the majority of the people or are willing to spend beyond the means of the city. Margo Nielson, Matt Scott, Glen Farris, and Mayor Cecil would be better in a Northwest or a Northeast city, with a liberal population rather than in Rockwall where we are conservative, like to have our spending under control, and have the city planning and development staff work for the good of the people and actually do the job they are paid to do.

    Matt Scott will likely run for Mayor someday. All I can say, if he is elected is, “God help us”

  23. Big Kahuna says:

    I read the headline and saw “Teabagger” which made me immediately think he must be another kook carrying a musket and protesting that foreign born guy occupying the White House. Not sure what to think now, especially after Matt Scotts elitetist shots.
    I might support David if he would agree to a couple of things:
    1) Solicit several honest opinions before deciding on projects, whether they are freind or foe. I’d expect you to give Mr. Scott the respect and courtesy he hasn’t afforded others.
    2) Always spend/plan for the worst. Mr. Scott chides you for not planning on a POSSIBLE economic recovery, in the same fashion they did NOT plan for a recession.
    3) Promote whoever runs the city Waste Management to city manager–that dept has the hardest working, most efficient, pleasant municipal employees I’ve ever seen.
    4) Don’t allow the city to get snookered –again—by the likes of proffessional shysters promoting projects which line their pockets, and leave the city on the hook. Harbor project, anybody????

    I wouldn’t mind a thoughtful gadfly on the council……..

  24. Ben Weible says:

    Since the opening paragraph seems to suggest that David White’s reasons for running are merely spending and unprofessional behavior by council, it might be instructive to take a look at his campaign site, electwhite.org, and the voter guide in the DMN, http://z3.thevoterguide.org/v/dallaslocal/race-detail.do?id=193089390&sfr (copied extensively in this article), to get a broader picture. I also suggest his rockwallzoo.com blog for an entertaining view of council meetings. Unlike some bloggers who moderate comments and post only those that flatter the blog’s author, you’ll find that you can actually engage David and challenge him on any of his posts out in the open, even anonymously. Quite fun, I think.

    In all his writings and conversations, though, I note the common thread that David’s first inclination is to find a way to limit the size and scope of our city government, not to look for excuses to let it grow. The morality of limited government is—or at least should be—readily apparent, and I appreciate David’s consistent focus on reality and the core needs of safety and infrastructure, even if they are somewhat less glamorous than continuous ideas about how to spend others’ money on “quality of life” improvements. In addition to that, the practicality of limiting government and its spending becomes more apparent each day, as the policies in Washington have matched and surpassed those that created disaster in the ‘30s, which led to personal, corporate, and even municipal defaults. If, heaven forbid, we are headed toward such a long-term slowdown, I want a leader whose first impulse is to find ways to aggressively cut spending rather than to raise taxes to protect myriad “services” in the face of declining revenue (read: money from the taxpayer).

    An inherent part of limiting government is David’s goal to protect liberty, which will also lead to a more welcoming business environment. I share and am heartened by Mr. Scott’s distaste for unilateral decisions that keep projects from moving forward, so I look forward to seeing fewer of council’s unilateral actions that prevent private projects like convenience stores, service centers, and care facilities from moving forward. A vote for David White will be a vote for consistent protection of private property and private sector enterprises, without excuses like, “it just doesn’t fit” or “it won’t work because that’s the entrance to [fill in the blank]” that often serve to shroud personal preferences in the cloak of The Public Good.

    I do wonder what exactly would make an individual fit for service in this evidently esoteric group of elite minds, since some detractors seem to think it’s a standard David hasn’t met. I guess I have to admit that showing up at council meetings isn’t a big deal, since some council members themselves don’t care to attend as many as he has through the past year. But if the real business of the city isn’t open to the common citizen in those open meetings, I guess I wonder where and how it’s really being conducted. As we rear the third generation of our family to call Rockwall home, I count on David White to preserve transparency, respect for property, and responsibility in our local government.

  25. Sheri Nerren says:

    For an “educated” man, Mr. Scott seems to read like a Kindergartener…while looking at the pictures he/she makes the story up as they go. This seems to be true of the posts that I have read recently concerning David. Really citizens, when a politician speaks, the commoners should fact check his statements because we should all know how to tell when a politician is lying…his/her lips are moving or their fingers are fast typing.

    First, Mr. Scott seems to confuse satire with mocking and berating…which if you did have four years of post graduate education, it is really quite easy to confuse the three. Berating involves scolding or rebuking and mocking means to attack with ridicule; whereas satire is the use of irony or sarcasm to expose. Do you see where those could be confused? I should say that this example shows that four more years of higher education doesn’t really make one qualified to be a council member much less a mayor of a city, right?

    David does not mock and berate city council members, decisions, or, yes, even citizens…First, calling someone “old” doesn’t qualify as berating, simply politically incorrect for not using the term “retired person.” Second, he adds satirical comments to the decisions that council makes. For example, “Matt Scott and David Sweet opposed this generator of sales and property taxes and soon-to-be local employer,” (I used copy and paste so that I would accurately quote David; you might want to try that Mr. Scott, have some youngster show you). Finally, perhaps the reason Mr. Scott cannot identify satire is because he has been too busy berating David in blogs and such public forums…I don’t know for sure, I am just using satire.

    Mr. Scott also complains that David isn’t qualified…well if Mr. Scott would answer the question of, “What qualifies one person to run for city council?” that has been asked of him several times, then maybe we would all know what would qualify someone (not that I really care, but the requirements are age and residence). I don’t think that we need a bunch of career politicians, developers, lawyers, and such to control city councils and tax payer’s monies. Our city council should reflect its citizens, and the last time I checked, Rockwall wasn’t composed of just those careers. We have teachers, blue-collar workers, chefs, bus drivers, postmen, law enforcement officers, preachers, musicians, artists, homemakers, engineers, to name a few. When elected officials start looking like an elite group of individuals, then there needs to be a change.

    Mr. Scott also claims, and I will copy and paste again so I quote correctly, “Mr. White has no ideas of his own; he merely wants to sit behind the chair and vote up or down on the ideas of others.” So false, again, David has said that only when the infrastructure of the city is at 100% should other projects, such as an athletic complex, be considered. Rockwall needs to continue working on infrastructure, especially in the zoo, or Lake Rockwall Estates, because the water system, that I understand council doesn’t want to hear any more about, is really bad. Having red water once a week and paying $150 a month for just water and sewer regardless of how much water is used, is the fleecing of Rockwall residents. How about the roads? Ask the code enforcement guy that rides around looking for victims…street lights, none…curbs and gutters, none…trash pickup, YES…see Mr. Scott, David has ideas, you are just making up stories to go with the pictures. David also states that he wants to get citizens more involved in council meetings…or would that be a bad thing for you? You would have to share a room with the commoners??? Oh no, what will the world come to next… It has only been because of David that I have voted in the recent run-off elections and now in the city elections and have started to become aware of what happens in my city and also to the taxes I pay to this city. If it is satire that pulls me into something that would otherwise bore me to death, then you should be happy that more citizens are getting involved. I guess you wouldn’t want that though.

    Another thing that Mr. Scott has stated, is that, “every action of an elected official is subject to questioning and probing, and given that every council member is elected at-large, every council member is a constituent of every other council member.” Let me clear this one up for you. 1) David is not an elected official, yet. 2) In all your posts that I have read, you have not asked or probed, only poke at David, in poor taste and have been untruthful in most instances. 3) David has not responded, again to my knowledge, to your uncouth remarks, he has only made the public aware of them.
    I am sure that you will call me out, berate me for only having a bachelor’s degree, oh and owning a home in the zoo, but I really don’t care because then you would be doing and have been doing exactly what you claim David has done to Rockwall citizens.

    ***Please note that my comments are satirical and in no way berate Mr. Scott, just uncover some lies and to state my own opinion.****

  26. A.E. Palmer says:

    So what qualifies you, exactly?

  27. Jim White (no relation) says:

    Personally, I think he is very “qualified” to be a council member. He does show up, shows a sense of humor, and states his opinion in his blog…which is quite entertaining ( I highly recommend reading the RockwallZoo blog). His wit shows his intellect. By the way, isn’t is criticism to speak of “reverting to the do-nothing attitude of the past”? I am sure past councils would think so.

    And what are these lofty qualifications that you speak of that elevate someone to the standing of being worthy of serving on the council? From what I have read, it doesn’t take Einstein to represent the people, just someone with a will to make a difference, and ear for his/her constituents, and a decent intellect. We don’t need people to look out for us because we are too stupid to know what is good for us, we need people who feel like they are one of us and will listen, and represent us regarding the issues facing our city. Approachable people that don’t get caught up in the position they hold, and make sure they remind you of their position with a tag line for every reply to the citizenry.

    I am voting for David White. I am proud to do so. I have gotten to know David over the past several months, and for us average people here in town (read: not qualified to run for city council) we find him acceptable for the position.

    And frankly, with all the shenanigans that have been going on with elected officials in our fair city, I feel we need to shake things up a little.

    For those reasons, and more, I voted for David White.

    Jim White
    Average Citizen (apparently not worthy of a council seat)

  28. John White says:

    David, it appears you have just been attacked by a narcissist who pretends to speak for everyone. Amazing talent, that. No need to look in the first-aid kit, though, symptoms are usually nothing more than slight boredom. For quick relief, just yawn.

  29. Matt Scott says:

    It’s interesting to hear David White criticize the entire council for what he calls “shameful” behavior during council meetings, including “mocking” or “berating” by council members. If anyone actually takes the time to read David White’s blog, they will see that is ALL he does–he mocks and berates every council member, every council decision, and in many cases, the citizens themselves.

    I’ve served on council for five years and while it is true things get heated at times, things rarely get disrespectful. But if Mr. White thinks that challenges to the actions and/or rationales of council members, including my own, are “mocking” or “berating,” then he has no business running for this or any other public office. Because every action of an elected official is subject to questioning and probing, and given that every council member is elected at-large, every council member is a constituent of every other council member.

    It is easy for Mr. White to say he has no projects he wants done, because it is clear he has nothing he wants to accomplish while on council, he merely wants to be an “irritant,” to use his own words from his Facebook page. It’s easy to criticize the decisions of others. But most people who run for office do have things they want to accomplish. It appears Mr. White has no ideas of his own; he merely wants to sit behind the chair and vote up or down on the ideas of others. That’s not leadership. And as Mr. White’s blog shows, he is simply not someone Rockwall needs in an elected position.

    As for upcoming projects, Mr. White is only showing his ignorance of the process. At some point the economy will turn around. A responsible council must plan for that day–to sit and wait until that day arrives before planning is precisely why our infrastructure, including roads, were so poor for years. Municipal projects take years to plan; that the planning process is underway does not mean the council will call a bond election for them right away, nor does it mean the projects will be approved by the voters. But in our municipal form of government, it is the voters, through bond elections, who have the opportunity to say whether the city goes forward with a project. Apparently Mr. White would prefer to unilaterally decide for everyone that no projects should go forward. That’s very un-American for someone claiming to be a patriot.

    Finally, attending a city council meeting does not qualify someone to serve on city council. Does it show interest in the process? Absolutely. But anyone can sit in the audience for every council meeting, and that says nothing about their fitness, intellect, judgment, or aptitude for the job. Merely showing up is not enough–and other than mock everyone and every decision, that is really all Mr. White has done–show up.

    This election is truly about the future of the City of Rockwall. Will Rockwall continue to plan for its future and move forward in creating a community we can all be proud to call home? Or will Rockwall instead revert to the do-nothing attitude of the past, and watch as other cities and other communities become vibrant while Rockwall stagnates? I know which way I hope it goes, and that is why I voted for Margo Nielsen.

    Matt Scott
    Rockwall City Council, Place 5

  30. Rocky Wall says:

    I find it very interesting that David says he is against mocking and berating others, but that is all he has done on his website since his annexation. He is only negative and is obviously pissed about being annexed. He clearly does not know what he is talking about in terms of millions of dollars of projects being considered by the council and is clearly wrong when he says the staff and not the council have made inroads in areas. He says he is a conservative but his past political endorsements have been Libertarian. Don’t fall for this sheep in wolf’s clothing, he is bitter, he is for doing nothing and he will set back the city years if his kind is elected. Margo is definitely the best choice. Her record in one month will outweigh anything White will do his entire career. Vote Margo

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