Rockwall Council member Mark Russo running for re-election

By J.J. Smith. First-term Rockwall City Council member Mark Russo is running for re-election May 8.

He was first elected in 2008 when he defeated incumbent Council member Stephen Straughan.

Now Russo is being challenged by business executive and former City Planning and Zoning Commission chairman Bill Bricker.

Known by many for his efforts to keep Council spending in check, Russo said he plans to continue keeping a strong eye on the City’s taxes and its budget when he’s re-elected. He said he is proud of his efforts to find cost-effective programs that reduce City costs.

“Rockwall has to be mindful of citizens’ pocketbooks. We need to make sure we do not always expect the taxpayer to receive the burden. We must do a better job finding alternative funding options, especially during tough economic times.”

Although he wants to keep spending and taxes low, he said he wants to continue City growth that “will not compromise the community’s standards and keep its heritage intact,” such as the Main Street revitalization and Texas Fit-Cities programs.

“Thanks to the Main Street Program and Farmer’s Market, Downtown has improved. The Texas Historic Commission has programs that can help us with funding,” he said.

“My work with the Texas Fit-Cities program has brought events to Rockwall on the fitness side. I would love to see Rockwall become known as Texas’ Fittest City.”

“We must continue to encourage quality community businesses coming into Rockwall. It is my goal that we capitalize on using our assets to their fullest capacities without sacrificing our sense of community.”

He explained he would also like to see movies made in Rockwall and is working with the Texas Film Commission to bring movie producers and directors to the City.

A self-employed media consultant for several companies and former radio talk-show producer, Russo said he plans to further improve communication and technology in a cost-effective manner.

“We have started focusing on social media such as Facebook but we can still improve getting information to all citizens.”

He has publicly expressed support for streaming Council meetings over the Internet to improve communication and transparency.

He says he strives, as well, to communicate well with Rockwall residents by promptly returning every call and email.

The “Volunteer of the Year” in 2009 for Texas Senate District 2, Russo is involved with multiple political organizations.

He is also active with several non-profit and service organizations, such as Alliance for the Arts and Music Fest.

He previously served on the Board of Old Town Rockwall Neighborhood Association and is past president of Toastmasters of Rockwall, in which he is still active.

“It is my continued goal to provide the city with a friendly, hard-working, councilman who truly cares about the city and its citizens,” he added.

“Rockwall is more than destination location, it is a place people are proud to call home.”

For more information, call Russo at 972-722-8023 (home) 214-793-2923 (work) or email him at mark.russo@sbcglobal.net.


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