Rockwall Council member Margo Nielsen running for re-election

By J.J. Smith. Two-term Rockwall City Council Member Margo Nielsen has announced her bid for re-election for her third and last term, as limited by the Rockwall City Charter.

She was first appointed to the Council in 2005 to fill the unexpired term of then newly-elected Mayor Bill Cecil and has since been re-elected twice.

City Council elections are non-partisan and she said she considers herself a registered “Independent” voter who “always participates as allowed by State rules.”

She said she generally votes in the Republican primaries since the majority of Rockwall County candidates are usually Republicans.

Her challenger is Rockwall Co. GOP Men’s Club Treasurer David White.

Well-known across Rockwall County after serving as Executive Director of Rockwall County Helping Hands for the past 20 years, Nielsen says she is proud of the work that the Council has achieved since she’s been a member, especially keeping expenses and taxes low after so much has been approved by the fast-growing City.

She describes herself as “a common-sense fiscal conservative,” a “friend of the business community” and “a person of integrity.”

“I’m proud of the work the Council has accomplished in the last five years while keeping an eye out for expenses, maintaining an adequate reserve fund and by approving necessary increases in police and firefighter ranks in response to the City’s growth,” she explained.

“Traffic was the number one concern of Rockwall citizens when I first joined the Council.  In the past five years, in order to alleviate gridlock in the city, the Council has guided the completion of numerous road and street projects, including John King Blvd.”

“Responding to citizen input and voter approved funding, the Council also approved the purchase of land for a 50-acre park on the north side of town, the development of several neighborhood parks and walking trails, and built two fire stations and the Animal Services and Adoption Center.”

Commercial developments have also been approved and completed during her term including the medical corridor along Horizon Road and retail growth, including Costco, Rockwall Plaza and Rockwall Crossing.

Concerning rumors that she believes a tax increase is now necessary, she said she is not advocating a tax increase. “I’m not advocating higher taxes.  What I’ve tried to say – perhaps not very clearly – is when voters approve a bond issue, the Council has an obligation to proceed with the project in the most cost-efficient manner possible.  Sometimes, that requires a tax increase.”

“The Council has an obligation to bring some capital improvements items to the electorate for a vote – like a new law enforcement center (aka police station).  However, without approval from the voters, those projects will not be funded.”

During her tenure on the Council, Nielsen has served on several Council sub-committees, including Facilities, which oversaw the design and build-out of two new fire stations and the new Animal Adoption Center. She is one of the Council’s representatives on the Rockwall County Emergency Services Corporation Board, as well.

Before being appointed to Council she served on the Rockwall Building and Standards Commission. She’s also served as the City’s representative to the Dallas-area Health Services Planning Council and the North Central Texas Workforce Development Board.

Currently active in the Rockwall Rotary Club and Rockwall PAWS, she is on advisory committees for the County Agricultural Extension Service and Rockwall MusicFest.

Since moving to Rockwall in 1985, she has served as a founding member of Rockwall Area Habitat for Humanity, Lone Star CASA and was president of the Shores Ladies Golf Association and the Lone Star Chapter of the National Charity League.

She served nine years as a commissioner on the Rockwall Housing Authority, eight as President of the Rockwall Housing Development Corporation, six on the Rockwall Child Protective Services Board and was active with the Rockwall County Committee on Aging and Soroptimist Club of Rockwall.

Before moving to Rockwall, Margo and her late husband of 38 years, Roger, lived in San Antonio where she provided guardianship services to elderly and disabled. She was a social worker in Florida, where she was raised, for 12 years before moving to Texas.

Their daughter, Jennifer, also lives in Rockwall with her husband and their son.

A graduate of Dunbarton College of Holy Cross in Washington D.C, she is a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church.

She urges voters to exercise their right to vote on May 8. “Don’t let others make that decision for you,” she said.

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3 Responses for “Rockwall Council member Margo Nielsen running for re-election”

  1. Big Kahuna says:

    My question would be: did Margo loudly and clearly explain the inevitable tax increases to her contituents during the bond process? Did she campaign for or against said bonds?

  2. BobC says:

    Michelle Smith has it all wrong. What was said that was “to continue to provide necessary services taxes MAY have to be raised.” Anyone who seeks elective office on the promise of “I won’t raise your taxes” should also be required to state what he/she is willing to sacrifice. The only taxes that have been raised in Rockwall during Margo’s service on the Council were directly attributable to citizen-approved bonds for roads, fire stations, and the Animal Adoption Center. Don’t let anyone blow smoke here, Margo Nielsen is best qualified for this office by A MILE !!!

  3. Michelle Smith says:

    Rumors?? Nope those were her own words in the Dallas Morning news voter guide..sorry Margo once you open that can it can’t be said it! A vote for Nielsen is a vote to raise Taxes Period!!!

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