Rowlett parents concerned over school discipline

By Stephanie Lucero, WFAA-TV News. Parents of fifth grade students who attend Back Elementary School in Rowlett say discipline at the school is excessive and they want to see changes before the school year ends.

Scott Roy said his daughter is a straight-A student, but she became nervous after a teacher threatened to finger print children in her classroom to determine who unplugged a computerized projector on March 11. Roy and other parents said the teacher called in the principal and the school resource officer, a Rowlett Police officer, to learn the identity of the child who unplugged the machine.



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  1. Shelmon Smith says:

    I had Mrs. Stockdale as an Assitant Principal when I went to Watson MST. She was the principal i saw anytime i got into trouble. As an elementary student i did think the things she did were unecessary and extensive, but I am now a senior in high school and I believe she has played a pivotal part in me become the straigh A student with no behavior problems that I am today. She is very stern and super strict, but as i talk to multiple students that left Watson when I did in 5th grade (2004) which is the year before she left i realize she has had a great positive impact on our behavioral lives.

  2. our kids go to liberty grove elementary school in rowlett. the same types of things are happening there too. The 5th graders are told constantly that they are horrible, they are the worst class ever by the teachers. They also are told by the teachers that the teachers hate coming to work and seeing them – that they don’t enjoy being there with them and that they hope once the kids “graduate” from 5th grade and leave 5th grade they don’t have to see the kids anymore. I feel like there is a lot of emotional abuse going on in the school and the principal leigh ann stockdale does not stop it but encourages it. Honestly – I think her leadership needs to be seriously evaluated and most parents at liberty grove elementary would love to see her get moved and the district hire in another principal that is more capable and can lead better. most of the parents who have kids in 5th grade at liberty grove elementary are so upset and frustrated and have gone multiple times to the principal and tried to contact the superintendent. But they get ignored and nothing changes. Honestly – i feel like rowlett and garland isd needs to take a serious look at their school system and purge alot of the principals and teachers and change the environment of the schools. The kids are treated like prisoners alot – told to be quiet even during lunch – and the principal and teachers continually demean the kids. I think they have forgotten that we as parents pay the taxes and pay their salaries and they treat us and our kids like we are dirt. We have been considering moving to rockwall or another school district if things dont’ change. When people ask us about the schools in rowlett as they consider moving to this area – we tell them don’t move into rowlett – and explain our experience with the school. I know most parents would love some media attention to what is going on at liberty grove elementary too and the emotional abuse that the kids endure day in and day out from the teachers and principal. I do know that the principal today was alerting the teachers to change and be on their “best” behavior till the end of the year b/c of this news story. Her words were “let’s just let this blow over and then go back to normal next year” – i personally think that is a cowardly response as a leader of a school.

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