Candidate Hogan calls Fowler’s direct mail piece “amateurish,” inaccurate

By J.J. Smith. Rockwall County Judge run-off election candidate Jerry Hogan says the contents of the direct mail piece which his opponent, Kevin Fowler, sent to thousands of homes across Rockwall County last week was rather “amateurish” and quite inaccurate.

The retired U.S. Army officer and former IBM and MCI corporate vice president, who was the leading vote-getter in the March 2 Republican Primary election, said he was quite surprised that American National Bank vice president Fowler would actually put such contrasting opinions on paper since the claims reveal his naivete and are far from accurate.

For example, Hogan said he can’t understand why someone running for County Judge in Rockwall County in 2010 wouldn’t at least question the ethics of all elected officials, considering the problems Rockwall County has obviously had in the past few years.

Former Criminal District Attorney Ray Sumrow was convicted in 2007 of felony Abuse of Official Capacity, the theft of $68,000 and sentenced to 15 years in prison.  Former County Treasurer Sheree Jones was sentenced in 2006 to four years’ probation and a $2,000 fine after it was determined she had “borrowed” $2,000 from the County to pay her bills.

Hogan wants to safeguard against future problems by hiring an ethics officer, which Fowler said he thinks is unnecessary because County elected officials are some of the best in the state.

In his ad, Fowler wrote:  “Never questioned ethics or integrity of elected officials.”

Hogan’s position was described:  “Has repeatedly questioned the ethics and integrity of county officials.”

The ad compared their supposed positions on five other issues, as well.

Hogan said he thinks it’s silly that Fowler would criticize him for questioning the issuance of road bonds to build more roads, when it appears that the state highway fund is broke and Rockwall County may never obtain those funds expected when Rockwall Co. voters passed the $100 million road bond.

In the mailer it reads:  “Fowler: Worked hard for passage of $100 million road bond and believes infrastructure development and roads are key to economic viability of Rockwall.”

Regarding Hogan’s position:  “Questions issuing the road bonds even though citizens passed it by almost 78%. Doubts the process for funding road projects.”

Current County Judge Chris Florance has also stated that the state highway fund appears to be broke and the matching funds expected from the state may never find their way to Rockwall, since we have to compete with Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton Counties for the funds.

Hogan also takes issue with Fowler’s comments about taxes.

Fowler wrote:  “Believes in listening to voters and will heed their wishes in infrastructure development.”

He represented Hogan as saying:  “No new taxes ever. Unrealistic in a growing community. Another empty promise.”

Hogan pointed out he’s never said “No new taxes ever,” and that someday they may be necessary. On the other hand, he intends to find a way to prevent a tax hike for as long as possible.

Hogan said he is disappointed, as well, that Fowler would suggest he will use an authoritarian style of leadership, if elected, and order Rockwall County employees around rather than listening to what staff members have to say.

The mailer reads:  “Fowler: Experience in building consensus, working with groups and communicating.” Or as the headline reads, “Vote for a leader that can build consensus. Not Walls.”

Hogan:  Experience in an authoritarian type leadership style.

Hogan suggested that it’s Fowler’s inexperience with leading people that’s prompting him to say and write such inaccurate things.

“Kevin may be a good financial planner, regulator and loan officer but he is unqualified to become County Judge because he has never led any significant number of people or organizations,” Hogan stated.

“On the other hand, I have led several companies with as many as 1,500 employees – all with different career goals and human problems to deal with.”

“The basic difference between Kevin and me is qualifications for this office. He’s never led any significant number of people or organizations while I have a strong history of doing so in the corporate world and the military.”

“He may have a been involved in many community projects and organizations as a volunteer, but it’s a lot easier to lead volunteers who want to be there.”

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