Ken Jones says his 19.26% share of voters will help decide new County Judge

By J.J. Smith. Former Rockwall Mayor Ken Jones may not have made the April 13 run-off election in the County Judge race, but he says his 19.26 percent of the voters who voted for him March 2 are certainly going to help determine who the next Rockwall County judge is.

He said that he and his wife have been working hard to encourage all1,655 people who voted for him last month to vote again this and next week for one of the two remaining Judge candidates – although he’s not officially saying whether that’s Jerry Hogan or Kevin Fowler.

But Jones considers himself a conservative Republican and said he favors other conservatives who want limited government and low taxes, as well.

Jones also says that because he did receive nearly 20% of the total 8,592 total votes cast – only 175 behind incumbent Judge Chris Florance, 624 behind Fowler and 1,190 behind Hogan – he’s definitely considering running in future elections and is not done by a long shot with providing public service to Rockwall County.

The owner of country music radio stations KHYI 95.3FM The Range and KXEZ 92.1 FM The Possum did not say what offices he’s considering, but he said he cares deeply about Rockwall County and its residents and still wants to be of service.

He added that because he’s been so blessed financially with his broadcasting business, he’s never needed to run for office because of the money which some elected officials are paid. In fact, he said he financed his entire County Judge campaign by himself and didn’t accept contributions from others.

He said he encourages every registered voter to vote in this election and has invited anyone who wants to talk about it to call him 24/7 on his cell phone at 214-533-2610. He promises to return all calls.


2 Responses for “Ken Jones says his 19.26% share of voters will help decide new County Judge”

  1. Ken Jones says:

    Bob, I will vote for whomever is the most conservative candidate.

  2. BobC says:

    I’m really surprised at this. I would have expected an endorsement of one candidate or the other rather than being ambiguous about it. For my money Rockwall’s next County Judge should be Kevin Fowler. Just take a look at his track record and compare it to his opponent’s. Kevin is miles ahead in every category of qualification.

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