Political campaign posts sign on church grounds without permission

By J.J. Smith. The Debra Lehrmann for Supreme Court Justice political campaign has posted large signs across Rockwall County this week, but at least one was posted without permission on the private property of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Hwy. 549 at Rabbit Ridge Rd. in Heath.

After a complaint was made by a church member today, Assistant City Manager Kim Dobbs said she would have the City’s code enforcement department take the sign down immediately.

She added that several political campaigns have not requested permission to post signs during this election season and some have had to be taken down.

Numerous signs had to be moved or taken down in February when the State Highway Dept. notified campaigns that they could not post signs next to the roadway.


2 Responses for “Political campaign posts sign on church grounds without permission”

  1. Carey says:

    While putting up political signs without permission is rude and unacceptable, I think it should be known that this candidate is much better than the alternative option. If the posting of this ‘wrongdoing’ was an intention of yours to harm the campaign of Judge Lehrmann because you are a member of that church, I would first do research on her oppenent Mr. Green, who was arrested for physically assaulting (punching) his last political oppent at the polling place after losing the election. The information is out there. Often, the campaigns for offices this large have a very big volunteer base. The fault here is likely placed on young or teen volunteers being paid a nominal wage to help install campaign signs. These mistakes should not be made, but to imply that the Judge herself somehow disgraced the church’s congregation is simply wrong.

  2. Joan says:

    All political signs should be removed within a day of elections!!! They are eyesores.

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