Coyote seen in Heath neighborhood

By J.J. Smith. A coyote has been seen twice during the past week in Heath running at night on Lafayette Dr. between Lake Ray Hubbard and Hwy. 740, near the north entrance of the Lafayette Landing neighborhood.

Rockwall resident Roxana Smith said she saw the coyote running into the bushes and that her employer who lives in the neighborhood told her she also saw the animal.

Smith said she thinks it may have been disturbed from its home by all the road widening work which has taken place during the past month along Highway 740. Dozens of trees and hundreds of bushes and underbrush have been removed on the stretch of road between Chandler’s Landing and  Lafayette Landing.

Coyotes are rarely dangerous to humans but can be dangerous to small dogs cats and other pets.

According to Bonnie Bradshaw of WildCare wildlife rehabilitation and 911 Wildlife, they are human-averse predators and scavengers who prey mostly on rats, rabbits and occasionally roadkill.

In February, Rowlett residents complained to the City about coyote problems and reported small cats and dogs suddenly missing. The City consequently asked the Texas Wildlife Service to come in and trap coyotes along the lakeside Rowlett Nature Trail.


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  1. Sherri says:

    Solen, you can talk all you want about no wildlife and being careful, but my dog was taken out of my yard right in front of me while i was yelling “good girl” to her. I guess this would constitute not leaving an animal unattended and making noise. What’s next? Oh, yeah, it is already happening. See the Star Telegram Oct. 6, 2011 article about the coyote attacking a three year old in Saginaw. Coyotes are PREDATORS and they need to be killed.

  2. Solen Kytel says:

    @Justin Holland
    You are the kind of person that will ensure our children have no wildlife in their future. If you are worried about coyotes, build a fence, watch your dog, or just go outside for a moment and walk the yard making a lot of noise when you let your dog out. The coyotes wouldn’t be attacking pets if we were more careful and if we weren’t killing off all of their food supplies. Also, most ‘coyote attacks’ are actually other domestic dogs, just an FYI.

  3. My wife and I have a small dachshund that was attacked last June in our back yard and lucky for him, survived after an emergency surgery. The animal was stalking him and attacked him when he went outside to ‘use the restroom’. In my opinion, we should exterminate Rockwall County of coyotes.

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