Tom Thumb food store to open May 5 in North Rockwall

By J.J. Smith. The brand new Tom Thumb food store currently under construction north of Rockwall at the intersection of State Highways 205 and 552 at the Shops at Stone Creek strip shopping center is now scheduled to open May 5.

Their new “Lifestyle” format store will feature a “one-stop shopping” concept, more prepared foods and specialty items with the focus on customer service, according to a news release from the City of Rockwall.

The 15,000 sq.  ft. retail development will include:  Subway, Great Clips, Maggios Pizzeria, Comet Cleaners, a dentist’s office, a local diner and a nail salon which will all open at the same time.

The developers are working with several national tenants for some pad sites, but none that can be announced at this time, said Grey Stogner with Crestview Real Estate, LLC.

“We are very pleased with the project in terms of quality and the demand for space,” Mr. Stogner said. “Rockwall is a great area with fantastic schools, as well as a great quality of life. The Shops at Stone Creek should be a great addition to an already fine neighborhood.”

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4 Responses for “Tom Thumb food store to open May 5 in North Rockwall”

  1. the gril master says:

    Hey its not just Texas, its everyone everywhere and if you dont like it do something about it like pick up some trash? It does a whole lot better than leaving rants about it on a message board!

  2. Lulu says:

    Looking forward to convenient quality shopping in the most northern part of Rockwall.
    What would compel “mokie” to leave such a stupid hateful comment; sorry to draw attention to it but I was amazed.

  3. namelessandoffended says:

    Wow, mokie, way to be an ignorant lout. I live in Texas and I’ve never encountered anyone like you just described.

    you’re crude, infantile tantrum is extremely offensive. Stereotyping is a violent plague that runs rampant in this nation and you, unfortunately, have been infected. I have met some of the sweetest, most loving people in America here and I’m proud to call it home.

    Now everyone that visits this site has to put up with YOUR disgusting spit and garbage. Truly pitiful.
    I hope you make friends easier in person than you do online, because this is just humiliating.

    I feel sorry for the people that have to put up with your vile attitude on a daily basis.

  4. mokie says:

    Hope this store remains clean..pigish people live in TX and spit on the sidewalk, chew tobacco, and spit, throw food in the street, litter and more…pigs

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