Healthcare Overhaul: Help for kids and young adults

The CW 33 News (video). ROCKWALL, TEXAS – Even year old Audry Craig was diagnosed with asthma when just a year old and since then she’s been on a laundry list of drugs. Her dad Craig rattled off a few of the pricy drugs.

“She has Advair, she has Flovent, she has Proventil”

Scott has a good job and insurance but even with insurance Audry’s care costs hundreds of dollars a month. Before reform, if Craig changed jobs or changed insurance Audry could have been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Craig said that would cost more than $1,200.00 a month.

“It can get really expensive really quick even with our co-pay it’s real expensive and not having insurance it would devastating, I do feel for the folks who don’t have insurance,” Said Craig.


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