PUC commissioner proposes free smart meter tests (Rockwall homeowner quoted)

By Jason Whitely, WFAA News.
ROCKWALL – Granted she lives in a big house, but never before has Jennifer Cordts received such a big utility bill.
“I don’t feel I owe it,” she said.

Cordts, 38, said her family’s electric bills used to average about $400 a month. But, in December he bill surged to $1,845. Then, in January, Oncor didn’t read her electric meter, but estimated it according to the bill from her retail provider, Reliant Energy, and charged her $994.

The only thing to change, Cordts said, was Oncor installing her new smart meter.

“I’m frustrated and there’s a bit of fear there too because if these bills continue I don’t know how we’ll pay,” she said.


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