Web site provides one-stop information shop for Rowlett seniors

The Rowlett Lakeshore Times. Prior to creating a web site, Larry Beckham said seniors in Rowlett would have to visit a multitude of places to get information.

“I have been involved with the seniors in Rowlett for several years.  Many of us meet at the Rowlett Community Center once a week to drink coffee and talk.  As we talked it was evident that most people had problems in discovering what was happening around town with different activities and events,” he said. “The community center had booklets and fliers, the library had fliers, the city put out newsletters. There was no place where all the information was available.”

Beckham first created a newsletter and sent it out via an e-mail group, but he soon realized the newsletter distribution was limited to only the people he had e-mail addresses for. That’s when he created



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