Two teens missing from Rockwall return home safely

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By J.J. Smith. The two teens who were missing for four days from Rockwall have returned home safely.

Rebekah “Bekah” Alexander, 15, a freshman at Rockwall High School, and Cameron Westmoreland, 16, a sophomore at Rockwall’s Heritage Christian Academy, ran away together shortly after midnight on Feb. 5 and had not been seen or heard from since.

According to Bekah’s mother, Paula Alexander, the couple traveled as far away as Denver CO but returned home safely last night.

Alexander posted the good news on her Facebook site and on a website they had created at: www.bekahandcameron.com.

No reason was given why they left.

Rockwall police had been called by the families to investigate and The National Center for Missing or Exploited Children has been following the case.

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  1. reg says:

    take the missing teens info off the site…the website you list for them isn’t any good…makes this story look fake.

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