Precinct 2 County Commissioner Lorie Grinnan running for re-election


By J.J. Smith. Rockwall County District 2 first-term Commissioner Lorie Grinnan has announced that she is seeking re-election to another four-year term in the March 2 Republican Primary Election.

Her announced opponent is long-time direct sales organization leader and former accountant Fred Lively.

As the former president and member of the Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees for nine years, Grinnan said she is still committed to serving community residents.

“It’s been a privilege to serve the citizens of our community,” she said. “There are many pressing issues in which I am actively involved and I am committed to continue that service.”

She stated that Rockwall County’s congested road system is a major focus, and she is diligently working to implement the 2004 and 2008 Road Bond projects, while keeping County expenditures and property taxes low.

Calling herself a fiscal conservative, she said she supports efficient use of tax dollars and has consistently pressed for strong financial planning.

“Our growth presents challenges that demand diligent planning and a professional approach to budgeting.”

She said her fiscal record supports her conservative claims.

“I have consistently voted to cut costs and make smart financial decisions with the County budget, as well as to consistently vote to keep our tax rate low. The only increase was for a voter-approved library, which was proposed and approved prior to my tenure,” she said.

“I voted a strong ‘No’ to circumventing the voice of the citizens of Rockwall County and build a $30 million courthouse with tax anticipation notes.  Although I believe there is a true need for a new facility, the courthouse bond proposal on that site had been turned down twice by the voters.”

“I voted a strong “No” to increasing the cost of the new courthouse from $30 million to $37.2 million. The scope of the project should be cut.”

She voted, as well, against using taxpayer dollars to build a Veteran’s Memorial, but once out-voted said she has worked to ensure the project reflects the desires of veterans and citizens alike.

“I have been most honored to work with our veterans and citizens in order to build a long awaited Veterans Memorial.  I cannot describe how proud I am to be a part of this effort, where current and future generations will know we understood the price of freedom.”

Grinnan also voted to support the 2008 Road Bond, which include much-needed improvements to FM 740, FM 549, SH 66 and SH 276. Construction just began of the first phase of FM 740 heading towards Rockwall-Heath High School from Rockwall.

As the Bicycle and Pedestrian NCTCOG Representative, she said she is coordinating efforts to improve the County’s trail system and open space planning.

Also serving as President of the Emergency Services Corporation, she said she believes it is important to maintain our ambulance service and communicate road construction schedules.

“I am proud of my accomplishments while in office, and I would like the opportunity to continue working to use tax payer dollars wisely, improve roads, develop bike trails and open space, and support the quality of life we expect and deserve.”

Grinnan has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A & M University, where both of her children currently attend.

She and her husband, Jeff, who also graduated from Texas A & M – as well as Rockwall High School – will celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary this March.

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3 Responses for “Precinct 2 County Commissioner Lorie Grinnan running for re-election”

  1. BobC says:

    I’ve been asked numerous times about who I support in the local elections. So … here goes … First, Ralph Hall is an outstanding Member of Congress. His work for District 4 is without question outstanding. Now is not the time to send a rookie to Washington. Reelect Ralph Hall for another term. Similarly, Bob Deuell has done an exceptional job for State Senatorial District 2. We need to send him back to Austin to continue his work there.

    We have several candidates vying for the County Judge job, including the incumbent. Kevin Fowler is a standout among the four individuals running for this office. He has time and again stepped up to the plate in service to Rockwall, never with a personal agenda and never with any particular ambition other than to do the best job he could. Kevin will be an outstanding County Judge. David Sweet, in my opinion, is a bright young man with exceptional service credentials. He should be our next County Clerk. Jack James is most deserving of being elected as the Precinct 1, 4 Justice of the Peace. He has a sterling record of public service and will be an exceptional JP. In Precinct 2, 3, Nancy Beaty is a standout for JP. She has always been a willing volunteer in the community and has demonstrated a strength of character and commitment that speaks loudly of the type of JP she will become. And, finally, Brenda Zielke should be elected Rockwall County Republican Chair. She has silently served this community for many years and has will be an outstanding chair.

    Please get out and cast your vote for these folks as we approach our March 2 Primary.

  2. BobC says:

    You won’t find a better County Commissioner in Texas. Rockwall needs Lorie to continue her service to the community. She’d get my vote if I lived in her precinct.

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