Over 200 people attend Deuell campaign rally to meet, hear Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

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By J.J. Smith. Over 200 people attended a campaign rally for State Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville) in Rockwall late Wednesday afternoon so they could also meet and hear Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who came all the way from Austin to campaign for the two-term Senator running for re-election.

Gov. Dewhurst said he came because he and Sen. Deuell are close friends, having helped each other many times during their years in the Texas Senate.

The Lt. Governor said when he needs help generating support for bills in the Senate he often calls on Sen. Deuell to get the job done. He cited the “Jessica’s Law” legislation as an example, which Sen. Deuell authored, which now mandates that anyone who sexually assaults a child under 14 in Texas receive a minimum 25-year prison sentence.

Dewhurst also answered several questions from the audience, after his speech.

The pair and their campaign staff members then attended an additional campaign rally together that evening in Greenville.

Numerous other Rockwall County Republican political candidates were in the crowd, using the event to campaign for themselves.

Noticeably absent was Deuell’s GOP Primary Election opponent from Rowlett, Sharon Russell, who calls Sen Deuell a “moderate progressive liberal.”

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  1. Ron Rogers says:

    This article incorrectly says Dr. Deuell is a “four term senator”. He was first elected to the senate in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. He is running for a third term, which makes him a TWO term senator.


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