Royse City, Greenville High Schools out; McKinney, Wylie schools in, as UIL reshuffles District 10-4A


By J.J. Smith. Rockwall and Rockwall-Heath High Schools won’t be playing Royse City, Greenville, Carrollton R.L. Turner or Carrollton Newman Smith High schools in District 10-4A   for the next year in some sports and two years in football after the UIL replaced those schools Monday with Wylie, Wylie East, McKinney and McKinney North for 2010-2012.

District 10-4A now includes Rockwall, Rockwall-Heath, Highland Park, Richardson J.J. Pearce, Wylie, Wylie East, McKinney and McKinney North High Schools.

Royse City and Greenville have been moved to the far-reaching District 13-4A, which means they’ll be traveling all over Northeast Texas to play Texarkana, Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Sherman and Dennison.

The Carrollton schools have been placed in District 9-4A, which includes Carrollton Creekview and five Frisco high schools.

There were plenty of mixed feeling about the reshuffling, especially in Royse City.

Royse City football coach Greg Strahm half-jokingly said he’s been contacting all the local businesses to get as many frequent flyer miles as possible for his team.

“It will put a strain on the travel budget, but I’m sure the administration will be very understanding about it.”

“It’s not a scenario I would have ever imagined, but I never would have predicted that Royse City would have had to go all the way to Carrollton for the last two years either.”

“But it’s the way it is now and we’re going to make it work.”

“You can never figure out what the UIL is going to do. There’s been a lot of talk about going east. The “Beast from the East” is very comparable in football with Sherman, Dennison and Sulphur Springs.”

He added that Royse City was able to schedule a non-district week two game with Rockwall, “which should be good for the rivalry,” but they weren’t able to schedule a game with Rockwall-Heath and will try again next year.”

Rockwall High School athletic director and football coach Scott Smith said he thought the reshuffling was exciting.

“It’s exciting to see what will happen every two years. You never know what the UIL will do.”

“It is what it is.”

He said he was glad they could schedule the game with Royse City.

Rockwall-Heath football coach Mickey Moss added that he’s looking forward to the new district, now that it’s been realigned.

“I am looking forward to the new district. I think the district will be more competitive across the board in all sports.”

“I am also disappointed that we are losing Royce City and wish that it would have worked out to play them in football in non-district but we could not get it matched up due to prior commitments.”

McKinney North football coach Mike Fecci said he couldn’t figure out why the Bulldogs and intra-city rival McKinney Lions were moved to District 10-4A. He said he was content in District 9 with the Frisco ISD schools due to familiarity and ease of travel.

“I was pretty shocked by that,” said Fecci, adding that he had no idea why the UIL switched things up. “There’s no rhyme or reason to it. We can’t control it so we play with the hand we’re dealt and try to make the best of it.”

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