Survey deadline is Feb. 1 to help Rockwall develop iPhone application


By J.J. Smith. If you’d like to participate in a survey to help City of Rockwall officials develop an iPhone application, then you’d better hurry, because the deadline is Feb. 1.

To provide your opinion, just click on, where the responses of over 500 survey participants already appear.

You can also find the simple survey questionnaire by visiting the City’s website at and then click on the “Happening Now” button in the upper left corner of the page.

According to City Finance Director Mary Smith, who issued an email Wednesday to City email subscribers to remind them of the impending deadline, software developer DotGov, Inc. is providing the application for free to Rockwall in return for resident participation, in a joint project with Manor TX, Arvada CO, Geneva IL and Mecklenburg County NC. (Editor’s note – The City website has incorrectly listed Arvada IL and Geneva CO, which don’t exist.)

City officials have already completed a survey from the IT perspective. Now this second survey must be completed with responses and requests from residents, she explained.

The goal is to have the application available by April.

Some of the most popular survey suggestions from survey participants thus far are:

  • Events – showing all city events coming for the next 30 days (60 votes)
  • Minor annoyances – providing the ability for residents to be able to report annoyances such as graffiti and broken lights to the City without the “hassle” of paperwork (58 votes)
  • An RISD “skyalert” – warning residents of impending storms (51 votes)
  • Maps (50 votes)
  • All local services (41 votes)
  • News and press releases (36 votes)

Surprisingly, all 30 suggestions thus far listed seem like excellent ideas and no absurd ideas have been expressed.

To sign up for the City’s news releases now being delivered by email, just visit, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on “Sign Up for e-news now” in the big circle just above the photos.

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