Hall challenger Steve Clark not afraid to spend

The Dallas Morning News. One of the challengers trying to topple Rockwall Republican Rep. Ralph Hall in the March primary is vowing to match the 86-year-old incumbent dollar for dollar.

Steve Clark has been buying full-page ads in newspapers – including The Dallas Morning News –to get out his name and message, and he’s running radio ads 10 or 15 times per day on a half-dozen stations.



3 Responses for “Hall challenger Steve Clark not afraid to spend”


    Watch out for where he gets that money from, such as being major stockholder on a communist country’s company.

  2. Canard says:

    Maybe you should focus on more than flag symbolism—like how many trillions has Mr Hall voted to spend on the 8 year “war” in Iraq? While Mr. Hall is yucking it up, drinking champagne and taking donations, our country still has young people dying in Iraq. Does anybody even remember that?

  3. Rockwall Voter says:

    Mr. Clark might want to adjust the American flags on his politcal signs to not touch the ground. Not a very good symbol to the voters.

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