Direct sales organization leader, former accountant, to challenge Grinnan for Commissioner post

Fred Lively 

By J.J. Smith.The leader of a health care product direct sales organization spanning most states and six countries, which he and his wife have built up over the past 17 years, has filed to run against first-term Precinct 2 Rockwall County Commissioner Lorie Grinnan in the March 2 Republican primary election.

Fred Lively, who is a former accounting manager with ARCO oil and gas company for 12 years, says he believes the lack of fiscal responsibility at all levels of government is ruining our nation. He is particularly concerned about deficits at the local level in Rockwall County.

“It’s time the County balances budgets with reduced spending and not by increasing property taxes,” he said.

With his 35 years of budget preparation and control, cost management and containment and business marketing experience, he said he believes he can serve the County well.

He also holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Dallas Baptist University, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech in Management /Accounting and is a former Headmaster of First Baptist Academy-Dallas.  

“As a ‘recovering accountant,’ I know very, very well the ends and outs of governmental accounting and when I saw deficit budgets at our local level, I knew it was here I had to begin,” said Lively. 

“It’s time we balanced out budgets with reduced spending and not by increasing property taxes.  I am running to serve the community not for a paycheck. The anticipated growth of Rockwall County over the next decade will require some very innovative and complex business decisions that I believe will require unprecedented business knowledge.” 

“As a strong fiscal conservative, line item budgeting from a zero base is the best way to go. It is never a good assumption that just because we’ve always spent the money a certain way that we have to keep spending it that way in the future.”

“Additionally, just because a budget has been adopted does not mean that a budget has to be spent.  If the revenues don’t support the expenditure and it is not any emergency, don’t spend it.  It’s a slippery slope to begin using unrestricted general funds to cover revenue shortfalls.”

A Rockwall Republican Men’s Club member for six years, who said he helped establish the Rockwall Republican headquarters office, Lively is a former staff sergeant in the US Army. As a Viet Nam veteran, he said he spoke on behalf of all Rockwall veterans at the annual Chandler’s Landing July 4 celebration in 2008.

Rockwall residents since 2003, the Livelys have a married daughter and three grandchildren living in Dallas, plus a married son, Major Jim Lively, USMC, presently teaching in Quantico, VA.

They attend First Baptist Church of Rockwall.


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