How to keep your New Year’s resolutions: Advice from the Experts


TIME Magazine. About half of all American adults (48%, according to a Marist poll taken in December) say they are at least somewhat likely to make a New Year’s resolution this year. Their top vows: to lose weight (19%), quit smoking (12%) and exercise more (10%). Sound familiar?

The Marist poll also found that while 65% of people who made a resolution in 2008 kept their promise for at least part of the following year, 35% never even made it out of the gate. Indeed, when you wake bleary-eyed on the first day of a new year — or decade — resolutions to “cut back” and “moderate” seem both an excellent idea and an impossibly hazy dream. Thus begins another spin on the New Year’s resolution merry-go-round. (See TIME’s special report on health and happiness.)



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