Changing lives one drumbeat at a time

Neighborsgo.com/blog/marciaonrockwall. Drummers for Jesus was founded in 2002 by Rockwall resident Carlos Benson as a get-together for like-minded folks with a passion for playing the drums. It has turned into a fast-growing nonprofit with an international following.

“I’m a drummer at Lake Pointe Church, and I started getting together with another drummer banging on drums and doing some Bible study. We decided it would be cool to invite others to join us,” Benson said. “Before we knew it, our get-togethers grew and Drummers for Jesus was born.”

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  1. Dave says:

    This is an AWESOME organization! I sometimes go to the monthly meetings, but I can’t wait for the big event on March 26/27. World class drummers and musicians will be there. It’s like a private concert of the most talented musicians playing just for you and a few friends. I learn so much.

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