Rowlett Republican PAC founder Sharon Russell to challenge State Sen. Deuell

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By J.J. Smith. Rowlett Republican PAC founder and president Sharon Russell has just announced her intentions to try to unseat four-term State Sen. Bob Deuell in the Republican Senate District 2 primary election March 7.

Currently a Dallas County Republican party precinct chair, plus former delegate to district and state GOP conventions, Russell says she thinks a more conservative Senator is needed to represent District 2.

District 2 covers covers eastern parts of Dallas County and nine more counties to the east. 

She claims that Sen. Deuell only supported the interests of Texas Eagle Forum 32 percent in 2009, plus Texans for Fiscal Responsibility 43 percent in 2009, and will be much more in sync with these organizations, if elected.

The former small business owner, who was also chairman of a Rowlett Economic Development sub-comittee, said ”the need for conservative representatives in the Texas Senate cannot be overstated.”

“I bring my reputation for reliable conservative actions and high moral character as the Republican of choice in this election.” 

“The current economic climate demands judicious spending of every
public dollar. When spending is without consideration for future consequences, the entire State suffers.”  

The mother of four and grandmother of four says she is dedicated to family values and straight talk,  plus a tough defender of personal property rights.

“I stand for family values, I stand for the Constitution, and I will stand for your rights as we fight to take our country back,” she said.

She also said she is never afraid to make her Christian heritage and personal convictions known.

“The Russell campaign was founded on the principles of our forefathers, in that men should be free to control their own destiny and government should stay out of the way.”

“Lower taxes and less government means more prosperity for the people of Texas,” she said. 

“There is no time like now to make the wise choices that will guarantee the future of our children. An unwavering commitment to conservative values has brought great rewards to me, my family and my community. These are the principles that will guide me as I represent the people of District 2,” she added. 

For more info, see her website at russellforsenate2010.com and her Facebook page.

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6 Responses for “Rowlett Republican PAC founder Sharon Russell to challenge State Sen. Deuell”

  1. Ed Weirdness says:

    It’s time we sent our current RINO Bob Dueuell back to ‘private practice’. Our erstwhile SD2 Senator has yet to find a tax or fee increase he couldn’t support, and he’s undermined and usurped the will of the people of Texas for far too long. It is certainly time for a change, and any Republican would be an improvement over the alternatives.

  2. Ron says:

    Sharon, I mean “Cindy” (by golly if you aren’t Sharon you certainly share with her a gift for malapropism), I think you mean wolves in sheep’s clothing. It would be very difficult for a sheep to sneak up on other sheep while wearing a wolf’s clothes.

  3. CIndy says:

    It is just funny how the Negitive Attacks come in Sheeps in Wolfs Clothing..Only when they are running Scared!! Go Sharon…They did the same thing to Palin..and they are just Scared little Pups!

  4. Ron says:

    Not to be confused with the Rowlett Republican Women’s Club…

  5. URkidding says:

    “The Russel campaign is founded on the principles of our forefathers…”, The same forefathers who advocated rights for white men only? LOL! Read the constitution, honey, and you’ll soon find yourself back in the kitchen, with minorities knocking at the back door for scraps of food.

    These folks who claim to want to go back to our roots need to wake up–I want leaders who can look to the FUTURE, not back to the glory days of covered wagons,. women getting beaten and burned as witches, and minorities hung from trees, readin, writin, and ‘rithmatic…

  6. Ronald says:

    It would seem this ridiculous woman shares more than just hair color with Bozo the Clown.

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