Rep. Hall says he is pleased with Obama’s decision to increase troops in Afghanistan

Rep. Ralph Hall

By J.J. Smith. After hearing President Obama’s prime-time speech at West Point Military Academy last night, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall) announced this morning he is pleased that President Obama seems to have listened to General Stanley McCrystal’s recommendations and ordered an increase of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

“I am pleased that the President seems to have listened to the recommendations of General McCrystal and has ordered an increase of troops to Afghanistan,” said Hall.

“It is essential that we listen to the input of our generals on the ground, and I know when I visited Iraq it was important to hear first-hand what General Petraeus was seeing on the battlefield.”

Hall added that the increase in troop levels is essential but he is opposed to an artitrary withdrawl date as proposed by the President.

“The increase in troop levels is essential to success, though I am against an arbitrary withdrawal date that emboldens our enemies and undermines our efforts.”

“The fight against terrorists in Afghanistan is important to the future security of America and will hopefully prevent another 9-11, and we look forward to the day when we can welcome home those serving on the battlefield.”

Hall said he believes that we should pay for the increase by reigning in spending rather than through new taxes.

“Some have suggested that we pay for the war through new taxes – in addition to spending trillions of dollars on government-run health care or cap-and-trade bills that tax all forms of energy.”

We face a future that already will saddle our children and grandchildren with enormous debt, and we cannot afford to add to their burden.  We need to try to pay for the war efforts by reining in spending and strengthening the economy – not by creating new government-run programs.”

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  1. rocco says:

    Sure Ralph—much better to spend a trilion dollars looking for weapons of mass destruction, and Osama Bin Laughingatus for the last 8 years. Can’t we stop the madness in the middle east and bring home 180,000 troops from Iraq/Afghanistan to seal our borders??

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