Alexis Lancaster death still considered unexplained; toxicology report due before Christmas


By J.J. Smith. The Oct. 24 death of 2008 Rockwall High School graduate and former cheerleader Alexis Lancaster is still considered unexplained, say Dallas Police, and it will not be investigated further unless the Medical Examiner’s toxicology report due shortly before Christmas suggests a reason to do so.

According to Senior Corporal Gerardo Monreal, police found her body shortly before Noon that Saturday in her Dallas apartment in the Alexan Apartment complex on Fitzhugh Ave. after a 911 call from someone alerted authorities.

According to the 911 operator’s incident detail report, the male caller using an AT&T cell phone said at 10:21 am that he “stumbled into her apartment, walked in to check on her and said she was unresponsive.”

“Caller said he was going to leave. He was scared and didn’t want to be there,” the report also read.

The 911 operator then immediately notified police about an “unconscious” person. 

After confirming that she was dead, police arranged for her body to be taken to the Medical Examiner’s office.

Monreal said standard procedure in cases like this call for police to await word from the Medical Examiner about the cause of death before they perform any additional investigation. The toxicology report normally takes about eight weeks.

Homicide was notified, as well, but no action has been taken, a detective there said.

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  1. CFF says:

    Rocco, in the original news release you stated “The truth and facts of this poor girls death will be much more shocking than anyone will believe. Thanks for not removing this story–it should dominate the discussion in every classroom in Rockwall for the rest of the month…”.

    If you truly hope that “Justice will be served” and concerned about the “two ruined lives” why are you not telling us or the authorities “the whole story”?

  2. rocco says:

    Hopefully justice will be served. The double tragedy of two lives ruined should be a wake up call to every parent in Rockwall when the whole story comes out.

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