Writer, speaker, community service volunteer Beaty to run for Justice of Peace


By J.J. Smith. Freelance writer, former local newspaper columnist, public speaker and long-time community service volunteer Nancy Beaty has announced her candidacy for the office of Rockwall County Justice of the Peace Precincts 2 and 3 in the March Republican Primary.

The position is currently held by Justice Larry Halloway.

A recipient of the Rockwall Volunteer Center’s “Volunteer of the Year” award, plus Rockwall Police Department’s “Citizen of the Year” award, Beaty was a founding member of the Rockwall Community Playhouse and Rainbow Room, which serves abused children.

A Rockwall County resident for more than 23 years, she said she has dedicated herself to service since she moved to Rockwall and will continue to do so, if elected.

“I am committed to service. I will bring that dedication to the office of Justice of the Peace where I will serve with fairness, diligence and fiscal responsibility.”

In her press release, she wrote that she is proud of her work with:

  • The Rockwall Police Department – as the Fundraising Chair for the 1st K-9 Unit
  • Rockwall Noon Rotary Club – serving on the Literacy Mentoring and High School Scholarship Committees
  • Helping Hands volunteer and supporter
  • Friends of the Rockwall County Library – past president
  • Library Capital Campaign Committee
  • Pumpkin Patch steering committee
  • Rockwall YMCA Partners With Youth scholarship campaign

Beaty was a featured columnist in local newspapers where she says she shared the good news about Rockwall County. Her “The Good News Is” and “It’s All Good News” columns showcased people and events that have made a positive impact on Rockwall County and the surrounding area. She continues to be a featured writer in local newspapers and publications.

The wife of former Rockwall County Commissioner, U.S. Marshall and Rockwall Police Chief Bruce Beaty, she has been actively involved in the Republican Party on the local, state and national level.

She has served as an election judge and election clerk at the city and county levels and has attended County and State Republican Conventions. She is a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and National Federation of Republican Women, has served on the board of the Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club and is a current member of the club.

Having completed training with the Governmental Collectors Association of Texas on the collection of delinquent fines and fees in the courts system, she said she will implement tougher collections of past due fines and fees.

Her education background includes psychology, medical and administrative studies at Collin County Community College.

She and her husband are the parents of five children and grandparents of six. They attend Lake Pointe Church.

To learn more, visit her website at www.nancybeatyforjp.com or email at nancyforjp@yahoo.com.

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5 Responses for “Writer, speaker, community service volunteer Beaty to run for Justice of Peace”

  1. John Doe says:

    Nancy Beaty is REALLY a JOKE. Apparently, she can’t read or add – as what can be seen from her judgments. She is not qualified to sit on a bench. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.
    She needs to keep to volunteer work or being a housewife. She incapable of fairness unless you are a Republican like her.

  2. John Joe says:

    Nancy Beaty is a joke. Like most people in her position, she has no clue about the real lives the people she judges lives. Sure she can balance her deficit, by breaking the backs of people who cannot afford her fines so that Rockwall can build it’s ridiculously huge courthouse. The land it is being built on could have been sold to a retail business and the tax revenue over 10 years would have fully paid for the courthouse. But no, she and her republican counterparts are consistently disinfranchised with the people they destroy. I wish many bad things on this foolish, ignorant and naive woman.

  3. JoAnn Efeney says:

    I was appalled to learn that our present Justice of the Peace, Larry Holloway, does not open the JP office on Fridays. His whole staff is off on Fridays. How ridiculous for a county with such a large population not to have the Justice of the Peace Office open five days a week. Nancy Beaty has promised that she will make sure that the office will be open Monday through Friday. I think as a Rockwall County citizen this is important. Nancy Beaty is the only candidate running that will give 100% of her time to the job of Justice of the Peace in precinct 2 & 3. Nancy has my vote.

    JoAnn Efeney

  4. Ginny Hibbard says:

    RE: Nancy Beaty for JP Pct. 2 & 3

    If you look up Rockwall County in the dictionary you will find Nancy Beaty’s name. She has devoted over 22 years to community service through civic, non-profit, and service organizations.

    She is energetic and fired up to be one of the best JP’s our community has ever known. Why? First she is all about the care and concern of Rockwall and its residents. Secondly, she will run a People’s Court, fully available to the people of Rockwall County.

    JP is a 24/7 type of job. To treat it any other way is a disservice to all of us. Nancy can devote full time to this position. She has all the strengths –kindness, efficiency, compassion, and concern for family and loved ones. As well as a business background to examine the budget and improve it.

    Nancy’s only job will be Justice of the Peace. She will NOT be dividing her time between other jobs.

    Vote for Nancy Beaty. Early voting is February 16-26. Election Day is March 2, 2010 7A.M.-7P.M.

    Ginny and Bill Hibbard

  5. Mary Hulett says:

    I want to tell you about Nancy Beaty, candidate for Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 & 3. I have known Nancy for over 20 years. She came into my bookstore on the square in 1988 and we became friends because of our mutual love of books. I have followed Nancy’s dedication to the Rockwall community over the years. She became active in helping the Rockwall Citizen’s Police Academy, she has been a devoted fan and supporter of the arts in our fair town from art shows to the community playhouse. She was an excellent reviewer of the entertainment industry for years in our local papers. Later, through her journalistic expertise, she kept our community informed of the good things that happen to people around us. She is a consistent supporter of the Rockwall school district as her three children progressed through their educational levels. She has always been a dedicated Republican and has been active in local, state, and national Republican events. She served on the board of the Republican Women’s Club. She was very active in the Newcomer’s Club welcoming people to Rockwall. She served on the Friends of the Library committee. She is a tireless worker to help the people of Rockwall.

    As a professor of 35 years, I have come into contact with many people. I know good people when I meet them. Nancy is one of the good people. She is a person who will give 110% to any job she takes on. She will be able to devote full time to her duties as justice of the peace. She has demonstrated compassion on numerous occasions under trying circumstances. I would feel good knowing that Nancy would be at the scene of an accident of my loved one. I know that she would do the right and compassionate thing for all concerned. Nancy would do a full time job for the people of Rockwall. Vote for Nancy at the March elections. She is the perfect person for the People’s Court. Mary Hulett

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