Logan’s Roadhouse packs the place with great steaks, wide menu

Logan's steak

By J.J. Smith. Last night my wife and I used their coupon and tried eating at Logan’s Roadhouse for the first time since it opened in Rockwall last month.

We had a great experience and will definitely go back for more!

Look out, Saltgrass Steak House; you’ve got some serious competition!

The place was packed about 6:30 pm, but we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get a table because the restaurant seats quite a few people. I forgot to ask the capacity, but it’s similar to Saltgrass; it might even seat more.

First thing we noticed was a smiling door greeter and then peanut shells all over the gray concrete floor. The atmosphere is casual yet organized. Hostesses and our waitress were very friendly and professional.

Within a minute or two of being seated and brought water with lemon slices, we were brought some of the most delicious home-made hot rolls we’ve ever tasted with butter! It was an excellent start!

Then we reviewed the big menu, which offers a wide variety of steaks, ribs, chicken fried steak, barbeque chicken, catfish, meat loaf, burgers and lots more Texas favorites, all priced from about $5 to $25.

My wife and I decided to order and share a Black Angus porterhouse steak, with came with two sides. Splittling a porterhouse allowed us both to enjoy their best and largest steak for the same price it would cost to each order a lesser quality, smaller sirloin. 

We also ordered a baked potato and house salad, plus an extra baked potato, which comes with only butter.

The huge Black Angus porterhouse turned out to be a great selection! Ordered medium well, it came to us juicy, hot and medium, which is typical (always order a bit more well done than you want it, so I was taught!).

The steak had a delicious flavor, after being grilled over mesquite wood. It  was so large, that after my wife ate the filet, I couldn’t even finish the strip portion. No problem, now I have delicious leftovers!

We were too full to sample dessert. Didn’t even look at that menu.

The only downside to our experience was minimal. 

My wife ordered French dressing fo the salad and got Italian (which was good anyway!). The potatoes were definitely not grown in Idaho, where the very best are grown. Potatoes just didn’t have the flavor and were too flaky.

We also noticed there was no vegetable, although my wife missed it more than I did.

We left there full and happy, which is why we’ll definitely return to sample more of the menu. And those rolls…I just ate one I took home in my doggie bag. It was still delicious!

Logan’s Roadhouse is located on the I-30 north feeder road, between Saltgrass Steak House and IHOP. Parking is a bit of a problem, with all of those busy restaurants next to each other. 

Logan’s also offers a discounted menu on Monday nights.


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