Veterans receive help from Rockwall’s Foreclosure Angel


By Kay Maxwell. A year ago, in November of 2008, Rockwall resident Marilyn Mock (right, next to daughter Alyssa) reached out at a foreclosure auction in Dallas to help a sobbing, heart-broken stranger whose home was being auctioned off. 

In an extraordinary act of kindness, Mock bought the stranger’s home, and later made financial arrangements at her own expense that allowed the stranger to keep her home.  Since that time, Mock has reached out through her newly-formed Foreclosure Angel Foundation to help more than 40 families keep their homes.

Among the many requests for foreclosure help she has received since last November, Mock has found a disturbing number of requests from military veterans. 

“I’ve heard some very sad and sometimes very shameful stories about how our vets have been treated by big mortgage companies and by our federal government.  Somebody needs to help them get through these times and get back on their feet, and that’s what I am trying to do.”

Among those that Mock is trying to help is Sgt. David Holifield, a veteran of six tours of duty in Iraq. 

Prior to his departure for his sixth tour, Sgt. Holifield gave Power of Attorney to his sister so that she could make payments on his home and conduct other business on his behalf while he was way.  His lender, however, a major force in the mortgage industry, declined to acknowledge the POA (on three separate occasions) and also declined to accept funds the sergeant’s sister provided in payment of his loan obligation. 

In March, 2008, the lender filed for foreclosure on Sgt. Holifield’s home.  In a subsequent court-ordered settlement conference, the lender declined to acknowledge the documented mishandling of Sgt. Holifield’s case and reinstate his VA loan.  This sequence of events has been confirmed by a forensic audit conducted by Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Eva Jo Sparks of Oklahoma.

The Holifield case is now scheduled for jury trial in the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, Sgt. Holifield will not be there for the court proceedings.  He will be on his seventh tour of duty in Iraq.

Mock’s Foreclosure Angel Foundation is also working to resolve the very complicated foreclosure case of Oklahoma residents, John and Jasia Dowd. 

The Dowds are retired Air Force veterans with 40 years of service and 13 completed military assignments between them.  In retirement, the Dowds planned on building their dream home on eight acres of land they bought and settling in to enjoy grandchildren, run a small business, and help others in their community. 

The Dowd’s foreclosure battle began in 2004 following the purchase of residential investment property financed through a well-known lender. The lender mishandled hazard and flood insurance records on the new property, and the mismanagement ultimately led to foreclosure. 

In fighting the foreclosure, the two veterans have been forced to file for bankruptcy to protect their assets, finance their legal battles by selling the property on which their dream home would have been built, and look for employment to make ends meet.  

Their credit record has been ruined because of the foreclosure, and they have lost access to their veteran’s benefits. 

“Their story is egregious,” says CFE Sparks who conducted the forensic audit of their foreclosure experience. 

 And their six-year battle has taken a physical as well as an emotional toll.  John Dowd was recently hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. 

“We thought this would all be over by now,” Ms. Dowd says, “but there is no end in sight.”

Helen Kaslikowski of Connecticut is another casualty of these difficult economic times that is receiving help from the Foreclosure Angel Foundation. 

Ms. Kaslikowski is the widow of World War II veteran, Stanley Kaslikowski.  Paratrooper Kaslikowski took part in the invasion of Salerno, Anzio, and Holland and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  When he came home, he brought three Purple Hearts, four Battle Stars and shrapnel in his leg that he carried with him the rest of his life. 

His widow, Helen, now 89, is frail and wheel-chair bound but still lives alone in the home they shared.  A reverse mortgage has helped her remain in their home until now, but time is running out on the mortgage and Ms. Kaslikowski’s resources are near exhaustion. 

Veteran’s benefits can provide assistance and allow her to remain in her home, but navigating the sea of paperwork is not easy for the elderly widow even with the help of her attentive and loving daughter who lives in California. 

About the help available from the Foreclosure Angel Foundation, Paratrooper Kaslikowski’s widow exclaimed, “It’s a miracle!”

Assisting the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed on behalf of our county is a special part of the work of the Foreclosure Angel Foundation, said Mock. 

If you would like to help Sgt. Holifield, John and Jasia Dowd, Paratrooper Kaslikowski’s widow, Helen,  or other veterans as they battle to keep their homes, or if you are a veteran with a story similar to theirs, visit http://foreclosureangelfoundation.com/ for more information.

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12 Responses for “Veterans receive help from Rockwall’s Foreclosure Angel”

  1. Gale Daft says:

    Hi, came to this webpage from Yahoo and just wanted to say thanks for the informational article you have written about.

  2. puhleeseStop says:

    Never argue with an idiot, lest a casual observer think it’s just two idiots arguing…………you folks need to carry this on in a bar or a hotel room.

  3. Ms. Dowd says:

    IMPORTANT CORRECTION TO Ms. Dowd’s input: Paragraph 13, Line 5, should be corrected as follows: Instead of saying “Accounting Customer tried to force-place ANOTHER kind of insurance that Customer did not need…” It should have read, “MS tried to force-place ANOTHER kind of insurance that Customer did not need…” EXPLAINATION: MS means Mortgage Server, The MS’s job is to do the accounting on the loan…the MS is not the Lender for the loan, merely the accountant…. this accounting firm is well-known, therefore most people think of them as the Lender….So in my response I had called them the “accounting company”…BUT after Jeff’s comments, I change their identification in my writing from “accounting” to Mortgage Server, so we could all be on the same page. Please make the correction; it is important to understanding the case. Thank you.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Your comments, Jeff, prove to me once again that many people like yourself value only money and not compassion. Your own selfworth must be composed of only money which I truly feel sorry for you. Someday, let us hope, that you never have anything happen in your life where you are in need and others like yourself walk by. Try to use this new year to put yourself into others shoes for a change. I hope your paper you gather legally or illegally fulfill that void.

  5. Ms. Dowd says:

    Ms. Marilyn we were not going to be drawn to comment by negative feedback, but you should not have to endure abuse by Jeff, Jeff is very proud that he won his own case against this same company and when he heard about ours he jumped at the chance to help, he has a “knack” for law and really appears pretty good, he had planed to launch his career on this case, but Jeff also has a temper and tends to lash out now and apologize later. Please don’t take it personal, his comments are not really directed towards neither you or me, it’s to his old partners, this was their best case and he simply went to the other side to get even…now we are caught in the crossfire. Putting all feelings aside, Jeff should have been an attorney, he loves the law and does very careful research, and though he is angry he still says we should have won a settlement in this case, he even describes what the settlement should have been!
    Thank you Ms. Marilyn for allowing us the opportunity to share our story…we admire how you gave someone their home back…we did “big” things like that for others before this happened. (Public record)

    Ms. Marilyn you are correct; there is much corruption in this case and it’s on the part of the Mortgage Server (MS) attorneys, and the “bailed out” MS should be held accountable for allowing these attorneys to turn a $465 dollar mistake on a $50,000 dollar property into a $500,000.00 (1/2 million dollar legal bill! Notice that none of the writers dispute the facts of the case, AND all unanimously states, the Dowds should gain settlement; meaning they ALL agree; this is a wrongful foreclosure and there are damages!

    The settlement that Jeff describes would have been ideal… we are business people who just want to get our lives back, we know how to cut our losses and move on, business people would not put themselves through this, like Jeff said…but after the Attorney’s took over from the MS representatives we never heard of a settlement.
    Wow, to have “negotiated fair settlement obtained on the Dowd’s behalf…” Jeff’s comments, reminded me how he use to say, “they are holding your credit rating hostage, like ransom”. Jeff said he believed they were using our credit as their “negotiating tool” to make us drop the case!
    Jeff’s objective investigation verifies, for the readers, that the MS did report “DEROGATORY credit information…to the credit bureaus” It’s amazing how MS can get away with this…actually holding, “the ability to change their wrongly-reported credit information… over your head,” until you submit…AND they KNOW they had reported false information! This has to be an abuse of power! This can happen to anyone, by a large or small business!
    The more our nation considers our credit in our everyday life… for insurance, jobs, homeownership, veteran benefits, .the list keeps growing…the more serious this is.!!! For any company to refuse to correct “derogatory credit information”…think about it…Jeff makes a good point.

    Unfortunately, the Dowds are not in control of settling this matter; the MS allowed their Attorneys to handle this matter, “unchecked”, and these Attorneys WON’T settle…they are “milking” this MS, and the “government bailed-out” MS officials obviously doesn’t care, herein, lays the corruption! And these Attorneys will not let us out of the situation either!

    After 6-years of suffering from the MS’s acknowledged error, we, the Dowds have tried to file bankruptcy…we never dreamed we would be in bankruptcy, but our credit is destroyed so, having bankruptcy on our record can’t hurt us, now…but somehow the MS’s Attorneys have managed to drag this bankruptcy matter out too! It has been 6-months so far just trying to get the initial paperwork started; they dragged out month-by-month…people familiar with bankruptcy say this is unheard of…it’s corruption!

    We were told that bankruptcy is a Federal matter and is handled by Federal courts, but somehow the MS’s Attorneys have managed to have this bankruptcy matter handled at the District Court level, to their financial advantage; sounds like corruption!

    Ms. Marilyn, here are the facts stated generically, to let your readers be the judge:

    “During 2004, a Mortgage Lender made a Customer, (a Retired 40yr-military-couple turned investor) with 750-credit score, TWO-$50 thousand dollar mortgage loans, in March and May. Upon closing, each was assigned to the same MS, (two-months apart). (There is Proof)

    Inadvertently, the MS co-mingled the two files and made several posting errors to both accounts, particularly within the insurance department. (There is Proof)

    After a year of phone calls, faxes, letters, statements written on payment check, etc… the MS realized/acknowledged a $465 dollar insurance error on their part…(they also realized that a year of ignoring the Customer’s explanations, had resulted in the filing of 10-months of negative credit reports, which caused obvious damage to Customer’s credit rating.) (There is Proof)

    Instead of repairing the damage, by correcting credit reports…the MS spent yet another year, entire 2005, attempting to cover up the first error, (verified in Deposition given by MS representative, “at the tail end”), daily harassing the Customer (verified by supeoned phone records, 7-days per week from 0600-2300hrs.) and continuing negative credit reporting (Oct 04-Mar 06). (There is Proof) In the mean time, because of fraudulent credit reporting Customer had to cancel several other business investment opportunities, waiting, in hopes that the MS would clear up the matter, as verified by Jeff’s comments.

    After the 2-years of backtracking, and trying to cover up errors didn’t work, the MS decided to wrongfully foreclose against the Customer’s property, in 2006. Helpless Customer cries and prays. Then, some regular citizens who have a vision to help victims of wrongful-foreclosures found the Customer’s case in the public court records, and contacted the Customer. They listened to the situation and offered to help by getting caring attorneys involved.

    These regular citizens said that they could only help one-percent (1%) of foreclosure cases because usually there are gray areas; they scrutinized every aspect of this matter, forensically proving this case has no gray areas, it was pretty simple: MS had co-mingled the files…so, on one property MS said Customer didn’t have insurance, they force-placed it and increased the payments, and when MS realized Customer really DID have insurance already…to cover caused damages…Accounting Customer tried to force-place ANOTHER kind of insurance that Customer did not need… and again, they increased the payments. Customer continued to make all the regular payments on time. But, MS filed for foreclosure even though several official records proved that Customer did not need the “extra” insurance. MS’s error and fraudulent credit reporting destroyed Customer’s business and robbed Customer of life-long earned benefits. (Boxes of legal documents as proof)

    FYI: At the onset of this wrongful foreclosure, these “regular citizens” had personal hopes that ranged from “wanting to see justice served… to launching new careers” all resulting from their efforts to help the Customer (using this “for sure” case); who was a victim of this “wrong practice”. Instead, they have endured much abuse, slander, threats, backbiting and criminal activity against them…. these “regular citizens” have not profited in any manner, in fact, some have suffered loss. Only the “bailed-out” MS’s Attorneys have benefited from this situation. (Re: the comments)

    In 2007, in the presence of Attorneys for both sides, within the first 15-minutes, Mediation confirmed the MS’s mistake and the Customer’s efforts to inform the MS of the error. So, the “flown-in” MS’s Representatives wanted to resolve the matter quickly and continue the business relationship…the MS and Customer immediately established amicable email-contracts to decide the matter. (There is email proof)

    Days after Mediation, corruption enters… the MS’s Attorneys tell the MS’s Representatives they must stop all contact with the Customer; and by using the “slow-process of the court system”, the MS’s Attorneys have managed to drag this simple (resolved) case out for 4 more years, 2010. Corruption!!

    During the 4-years of legal battles, the Customer repeatedly re-proves that the MS was wrong… on every front (at Mediation, to the District Judge, at Arbitration). The Customer paid for several depositions, and the “regular citizens” collected letters from County, City, State and National officials. (There is proof)
    Since MS’s attorneys’ could not prove this case on facts, therefore, their final concluding written statement states essentially…“When all else fail, we can do what we want to do”… (Public record.) Jeff verifies this by reciting it in his comments…the Dowds CANNOT understand how MS can get away with this! Again, this can happen to anyone!
    At the time of this writing, the MS and their unscrupulous Attorneys have won; they have proven that money, influence and intimidation WILL allow you to get away with making detrimental mistakes and dealing falsely with Customers. (Case in point)

  6. Jeff Beyer says:

    Marilyn, I prevailed in my foreclosure suit. You can take a look for yourself. It is a matter of public record. CJ-2003-533 in Canadian County District Court. Look through some of the pleadings in that case and you will see the level of expertise that I have in the area of consumer law in Oklahoma. Ask the Honorable Judge Cunningham what his opinion is of my legal expertise.

    Mayilyn, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and bail the Dowd’s out. If you think they got such a raw deal, why not have your foundation write a check and pay off the Dowd’s mortgage?

  7. marilyn says:

    When there are so many wanting to slam this one family, you know there is total corruption going on. How was your own bankruptcy/foreclosure going Jeff?

  8. Jeff Beyer says:

    The only shameful event in this Dowd situation is the fact that Mrs. Dowd had no faith in her own system of investing in rental properties. Having been involved in their arbitration matter, as discovery progressed, it became overwhelming clear that they had absolutely no facts to back their claims. Mrs. Dowd alleged she could not purchase other properties as a result of her credit being allegedly ruined by her mortgage servicer. The facts came out that she had actually asked in writing to be let out of one purchase contract so she could get her deposit back. Mrs. Dowd never told anyone about this up front. Her only witness to her alleged credit destruction was a former mortgage broker that could not recall dates or times or events with reasonable accuracy. A negotiated fair settlement obtained on the Dowd’s behalf in their arbitration would have removed all the derogatory credit information that her mortgage servicer had reported to the credit bureaus, the payment of her former attorney fees, a re-instatement of her mortgage loan and a cash payment on top of it all. Mr. Dowd wanted to accept the offer and move on with their lives. Mrs. Dowd refused as she wanted substantially more. Mrs. Dowd was listening to her so called “expert” that was insisting they could get more. This expert holds herself out to be a certified fraud examiner when in fact, she is nothing more than a fraud herself. I have never seen a so called expert so misguided and uninformed in her area of expertise. Her arrogant attitude combined with her lack of knowledge is why she has been discredited in numerous courts. This certified fraud examiner continually ascertains opinions that are beyond her scope of knowledge and experience. She is the result of why the Dowd’s lost their arbitration matter and the foreclosure suit in district court. Her conclusions and facts were all wrong.

    Had Mrs. Dowd had faith in her investment business, she could have taken the settlement and moved on and continued to purchase other investment properties and forget about getting rich in litigation.

    The Dowd’s foreclosure is not on their personnel residence, but is on an investment rental property of which they own others. Their personnel residence is not at risk.

    The Dowd’s and their certified fraud examiner cannot seem to understand that what underlies this entire foreclosure is a note and mortgage which clearly spells out the responsibilities of each party. The foreclosure was the result of the mortgage servicer doing exactly what they were allowed to pursuant to the note and the law. The Dowd’s cannot seem to understand this.

    I do feel sorry for the Dowd’s. Not because they lost a piece of investment property, but because of their weakness in human nature that led them to be so gullable to the fraudulant advice they were receiving from those with the least amount of knowledge. The Dowd’s were scammed by their own expert and associates.

  9. What has happened to justice? says:

    This is so shady…Lawyers like these are what gives “real” lawyers a bad name. Its a clear sign of guilt when lawyers for the Mortgage Co. write comments on their own behalf AND do so under the name of the defendant’s lawyer…
    Sounds like our vets are getting the sham… They serve our country for years helping us to continue in our Capitalistic Society…and then they get burned by those same Capitalists when they return home. Its no wonder that we have so many foreclosures in the country right now…especially when the Mortgage Co. (who is in charge of handling the monthly payments) can “wrongly” force place insurance on your property and then REFUSE to apply your monthly payments…(until you are in forclosure status). Shameful

  10. Marilyn says:

    I personally guarantee all the above is true. Attorney’s for these mortgage companies should not hide their names Mr. Been There and also using someone elses name. Shame on you. How do you sleep at night. Marilyn Mock

  11. Been There says:

    Sparky also failed to point out that a district court judge in Oklahoma County ruled, as a matter of law, that the lender was entitled to foreclose against the Dowds. Sister Eva Jo is not the nun she would like everyone to believe. She is earning a good living as a result of the foreclosure crisis.

  12. Jim Maroney says:

    Thanks to Eva Jo Sparks, the Dowds lost their case when they could have settled and walked away with cash. The Dowds are now obligated to pay the lender’s attorney fees, which are in excess of $250,000.00. Get the facts straight.

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