Former Rockwall High cheerleader found dead in Dallas in suspected drug-related death


A popular former Rockwall High School cheerleader and 2008 graduate was found dead in her Dallas apartment Saturday night.

The rumor being texted between former and current Rockwall High School students is that her death was drug-related.

Alexis Rae Lancaster, 19, is survived by her mother, Leah Pearl Gentzler, and husband, Stan, of Rockwall, plus her father, Stephen Scott Lancaster, and wife Kristi, of Caddo Mills.

Her sisters are Lindsey Mills of Caddo Mills and Samatha Gentzler of Rowlett. Her brother, Chris Gentzler, and family live in Kemp TX. 

Dallas Police this afternoon could only confirm her death, but said no cause of death will be confirmed for a few days.

Her family will accept friends at a viewing scheduled Wednesday, Oct. 28, 6 – 8 pm, at Rockwall’s Rest Haven Funeral Home, 2500 State Hwy. 66 East, Rockwall, TX  75087. Click here to see her obituary at Rest Haven’s website.

Her funeral is scheduled Thursday, Oct. 29, at 2 pm, at Lake Pointe Church, 701 E. I-30, Rockwall, TX   75087.

A Facebook page has been established in her memory at R.I.P Alexis Rae Lancaster at

More details will be announced as soon as they can be obtained.


28 Responses for “Former Rockwall High cheerleader found dead in Dallas in suspected drug-related death”

  1. Janis says:

    Sadly, her death was from a combo of Xanax and heroin. Such a sad loss, she never got to come close to reaching her full potential. I wish her family peace.

  2. NearbyRockwall says:

    Family Friend – You (and some of the others), keep talking about what a beautiful and wonderful person Alexis was and from all appearances, she was. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t have dabbled in drugs and that wouldn’t necessarily make her a bad person either. Alexis was pretty, popular, came from a well-to-do family and most of all, was 19 and out on her own for the first time. It wouldn’t be a big shocker if she experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol. The paper is not trying to harm this girl’s reputation; they’re reporting what they’ve heard from numerous sources and what is likely to be the case.

  3. We have just posted an update on our home page about her death, which many of you have requested.

  4. hey rocco says:

    So rocco, if you know something why wont you help with evidence or come forward if you know something. How is it you already know the result? Why wouldnt u contact the police?

  5. dll says:

    there are rumors and those of us that have not been privy to what actually happened would like to know the facts so that rumors can be put to rest. I have not seen any news article since this poor girl’s funeral yesterday. I thought there would be an update and havent seen one yet. As a mother, i cant image what her mom is going thru but i have added the family to my prayer list. When will this story be updated?

  6. Family Friend says:

    Rockwall News ans Alan, The story was poorly written, and offensive, “drug related” has many many implications. And it was wrong to use in this context. Alan if you’ll let us know what news agency you work for, we will be sure not to subscribe to it as well… How about instead of drug related you took some time to some of the beautiful and touching stories shared on FB by her many friends, or talking about the kind sweet and out going of person she was… If there is a message that should be presented as a cautionary tale to other kids, it should be presented after the facts of the tragedy are conclusive, not from rumors… Read the messages, this was a beautiful, exceptional youg lady, her life touched so many in a positive way… That information was readily available, abundent and factual… From hundreds of named sources. What kind of people are you? What will be said of you when you pass??? Think about it….

  7. Jo says:

    Just because this happened in Dallas County, where are the investigations into the deaths of our children in Rockwall County from Rockwall investigators if this is a drug related in Rockwall County. I guess it’s not Rockwall’s concern. What a shame.

  8. Suzan says:

    When will the updates be printed online?

  9. Stacy says:

    Well hopefully you wait for the toxicology reports regarding Alexis before you assume any information you have received from your sorces are adequate in your next write up. Only time will tell the absolute truth about that dashing young lady. There is way too much at stake to publish anything that is not absolutely true at this point. God be with the family and friends of this child in these times of need. RIP Alexis.

  10. Becki says:

    so it’s after the funeral, give us the real story!

  11. alan says:

    I am in the news! I have worked in news for several years..The news can only report what it hears…either rumor (from it’s many sources; government, city, or community) or the associated press!
    So, Yes kurtis, I know something about news! It is a shame that we have to argue about an article that is written instead of discussing this childs life and how to help anyone else who may have had similar cituations.

  12. Jo says:

    Very respectful that the news is waiting till after the funeral, just hope you have the right story.

  13. Rocco says:

    The truth and facts of this poor girls death will be much more shocking than anyone will believe. Thanks for not removing this story–it should dominate the discussion in every classroom in Rockwall for the rest of the month…

  14. Rather than using the word “rumor” we suppose we could have written “According to unnamed sources…” but would that really be any different? Drug-related does not necessarily imply she took drugs. Someone else who used drugs could have killed her. Rockwall citizens obviously want to know what happened NOW, so since official sources remain silent, we had to resort to unofficial sources. The whole story has already thoroughly been revealed by teachers and students at RHS during this past Drug Awareness Week. We will print the true story after the funeral to show respect to Alexis, family and friends. Thanks for your pro and con comments.

  15. Jo says:

    Have any parents or any so-called persons of higher authority that even possibly care about their community looked at how many teenage drug related deaths are happening in Rockwall that are not even reported? If half of the parents in Rockwall knew who their kids were hanging out with, they would know how close they were to death.

  16. Kurtis says:


    If you knew anything about news you would know that you don’t report what you hear, you report fact and only fact. To even comment on a rumor as though it might be true dabbles in the realm of yellow journalism and is an amateur mistake. On top of everything else it is the second sentence in the article and is the headline so there’s no getting around the fact that whoever wrote this WAS trying to insinuate truth behind these statements. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. The problem here is that when this was written the truth wasn’t known and to list ONE possibility as being PROBABLE or SUSPECTED is bad writing and does strike a blow to the character of the victim right off the bat.

    How did anyone at the Rockwall News let this pass? Does no one there have any news experience?

  17. Beth says:

    I have a teenager whom i am afriad could be falling into to the wrong crowd. If indeed Alexis did pass away due to drugs maybe our teenagers could learn from this. Let her life and her death be a lesson to all of us.

    Has anyone confirmed what actually happened. You would think since the the “news” reported it was possibly drug related they would follow up and either confirm or deny this.

  18. Bart says:

    Rockwall News says “We’re not insinuating anything negative about Alexis…” The headline for this story is pure tabloid junk reporting. A good girl is dead and a family is grief stricken. I am insinuating anything negative about Rockwall News when I say it needs a name change… to Rockwall Rumors.

  19. Ted says:

    Get you heads out of the sand and wake up. What happened to Lexi could happen to your friend or child. If this doesnt wake you people up nothing will. She was a wonderful child.

  20. alan says:

    The rockwell news is only reporting what they hear…which is the same as all other news sources, whether it is fact or not is irrelevant. My sympathy goes to her family and friends, suing people and pointing fingers will not bring her back to us.

  21. Laura says:

    It seems the writer would have a little more tact than to report something that is completely factless. I understand it was stated that they were ‘rumors’, but what do you think this news report does? Furthers those rumors. Maybe next time the writer will write only what has been proven and will leave out irrelevant gossip that does nothing but hurt the people that knew her.

  22. Greg says:

    If I were the family, I would sue for that kind of “reporting.”

  23. Family Friend says:

    Imagine that this was your daughter or sister. Would that be the story you would write? I know the family, and I am unaware of the details. All I know is that a beautiful young life was taken far too soon from a loving and caring family. Grieving family and concerned friends should not be reading about rumours, if you had any sympothy or human decency the story would have read, there has been no official cause of death. Period. I beg to differ on your insinuation, it is extremely offensive and if not negative, what would it be?. Your story is not titled, “rumoured drug related”. Shameless would be the kindest description I could give you. God bless all who knew and loved Alexis.

  24. Beverly says:

    I agree with TIM…..if you don’t know, then it’s gossip at this point. I would have thought gossip talk between teenagers would be excluded and not considered newsworthy. Oh, wait, this isn’t Dallas…..ahhhhh it’s Rockwall…well there ya go!

  25. byonka says:

    alexis you were a pretty girl who will be missed deeply your smile lit up a room watch over us all ill always keep you and your family close to my heart miss you pretty girl

  26. We’re not insinuating anything negative about Alexis – just reporting what many of the youth in Rockwall have told us they have learned and are discussing via texts and phone calls. News travels fast in this Internet Age. More details will be forthcoming. Our deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends.

  27. Tim says:

    “The rumor being texted between former and current Rockwall High School students is that her death was drug-related.”

    This is not reporting. You should be ashamed that this passes for honorable. Have some respect and report facts. Shameless.

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