120 driving students stranded by sudden closing of Rockwall Heath driving school

As best as can be determined by the Texas Education Agency, 120 driving school students in Rockwall and Heath have been stranded by the sudden closing of the Rockwall Heath Driving School.

Another 500 students are affected by the simultaneous closing of the Automatic Driving Schools in Dallas, Richardson and Mesquite, also owned by the Rockwall school owner.

The TEA and Dallas Better Business Bureau list two different Rockwall men, Brian Weast and Eric Panik, as the schools’ owners.

Acccording to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Weast said he sold the school, plus three locations of Automatic Driving School to Panik in May, 2009. Automatic has been in business since 1993.

The Rockwall school is located at 2455 Ridge Rd. , in the shopping center behind Culver’s. It is not listed as a member of the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce.

Weast did not return calls yesterday, and their websites are no longer online.

According to TEA spokeswoman Suzanne Marchman, state officials have now taken custody of student records from the schools and the agency plans to  send letters to parents verifying students’ learning credits. The agency also will determine what refunds may be in order for students and parents who paid hundreds of dollars in tuition.

She said the school’s owner didn’t even call the agency to announce the closing. State officials were notified by an employee.

Now everybody just wants to know what happened and why the schools closed so suddenly.

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3 Responses for “120 driving students stranded by sudden closing of Rockwall Heath driving school”

  1. Sharepro says:

    Amazing post thanks!

  2. Chris Bene says:

    I hope other readers will come forward with facts about Brian Weast and Eric Panik.

  3. Chris Bene says:

    Hello, Brian Weast is a crook and has committed fraud several times. He once pretended to be a parent that was interested in siging up a daughter that he did not have and went into Transition Driving School and was caught pulling out a tape measure hoping that the classroom did not meet TEA. requirements. He looked like a complete fool because the owner was warned about Brian ahead of time.Cars were also driven with frame damage. He made up stories about employees so he didn’t have to pay them unemployment.
    He was also violated the Texas Labor Laws when he was caught refusing to pay overtime at the two submarine sandwitches places he owned. He was caught opening and going thru the mailbox at a competitors driving school on Gus Thomason and the female owner was inside but, afraid to confront him. He took 25,000 dollars from one man and did not return the money or give the man ownership.

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