Miracle of the Month Column: Leukemia patient nearly completely recovered

Dr. John Gonino

Dr. V. John Gonino D.O., P.A, owner of the Gonino Center for Healing in Heath.

Hello everyone. Our first miracle involves a 60 year-old man (59 when we met) diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

The first day I met Jim he was nearing death with a white blood cell count of 408,000, the highest I’ve ever seen in my 22 years in medicine. Normal count is 4000-10,000.

I like Jim’s case especially for two reasons : 1) It shows a great marriage between conventional medicine and the type of medicine we practice called complimentary medicine, and 2) After Jim’s miracle he was able to witness his daughter’s high school graduation; very unlikely had not all the pieces fallen into place as they did. He continues to do well at this present time. With that, here’s Jim to tell his story…..

“I have been diagnosed as having chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I was blessed with a friend, who referred me to the Gonino Center for Healing, and feel that if I would not have taken his advice and gone to Dr. Gonino for his healing treatments I would not be alive and well today.

When I first heard from my friend of the Healing Center I was hopeful, but when I actually went to my first appointment I was overwhelmed by the spiritual outpouring of love and kindness, not only from Dr. Gonino himself but all of his staff. They were all so wonderfully kind and seemed to be so happy to help not only myself but all of their patients. While there, I met people with all kinds of debilitating diseases from many states of this fine nation who were being healed.

When I first went to see Dr. Gonino, my white blood count (WBC) was over 400,000, when normally it should be somewhere in the 4-10,000 range. He suggested going on the Candida diet immediately - to help eliminate any yeast or fungus, plus help with my overly acidic system - plus use herbal supplements and intravenous (IV) infusions of fungal and cancer fighting substances such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Glutathione and vitamins. These would all help strengthen my immune system.

The second step would be to get the Chemotherapy treatment at the hospital that my oncologist was suggesting, and the third step would be to come back to the Gonino Center to get follow-up treatments of additional IVs to get my kidneys, liver, immune system, etc. back on track after the deadly chemo treatments. The oncologist was suggesting 5-6 treatments spaced three weeks apart.

It all made sense to me, so we started with the diet, herbal supplements and two IVs per week, then three days of chemo which consisted of Fludarabine, Cytoxan and Ritoxan.

On the second day of chemo (from my oncologist), when I got my first treatment of Ritoxan, I had a bad reaction causing uncontrollable chills. I shook so badly I had to hold my mouth so I wouldn’t damage my teeth. Although they gave me some kind of drug to keep that from happening, they had to give me more. I should have suspected something was wrong then but only found out later when admitted to the hospital that the chemo was still doing damage – not only to my bad/faulty white blood cells but to my good WBCs, my red cells and platelets, too. My immune system was damaged so badly that I had to have 10 pints of blood during my three-week stay at the hospital, during which time I lost 50 pounds. And the worst thing was that I wasn’t getting much better but getting weaker and obviously had lost my appetite. I knew I had to do something so I told them I had to get out of the hospital to seek some other treatment. They finally agreed to let me go I went immediately back to the Gonino Center for Healing.

The staff was kind as ever, though now my wife and children had to drive me to and help my walk into the Healing Center because I was so anemic and weak. I couldn’t stand for more than a minute at a time and looked like either a scarecrow or death warmed-over. We restarted the diet, supplements and 1-3 of the various IVs per week that Dr. Gonino prescribed, along with use of the chi machine and lymphatic pump.

After two months of these glorious treatments I gained weight, became much stronger and began to drive myself around. My WBC and RBC numbers are presently very near normal levels and I look forward to the cancer going into complete remission, with no more than that one near-fatal chemo treatment.

What a glorious blessing to the human race – The Gonino Center for Healing.”

J. Merrick – Royse City

You can contact Dr. Gonino at the Gonino Center for Healing by calling (469) 402-2800.

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